In April 2006, SpecsIntact implemented the Construction Specifications Institute's (CSI) MasterFormat™ 2004 Section Numbers and Titles, which can only be used with SpecsIntact v4.2.0.778 or newer.  MasterFormat 2010™ update was incorporated in the June 2010 release of v4.4.2, and can only be used with SpecsIntact v4.4.2 or newer.  


As if January 2012, SpecsIntact will no longer support the creation of Jobs or Masters using MasterFormat™ 1995 Sections.



Although SpecsIntact will not prohibit mixing current MasterFormat™  and 1995 Sections in the same Job or Master, some SpecsIntact features will not work correctly when mixed.


SpecsIntact will support the renaming of Sections from MasterFormat™ 1995 to the current MasterFormat™ Edition Section numbers.  In order to convert old MasterFormat Numbers, you can use CSI's MasterFormat Convert My Number Utility.


To learn more about MasterFormat™, visit the CSI's MasterFormat web site.  To learn more about SpecsIntact and MasterFormat™ Section Numbers see Numbering Rules.



MasterFormat™ Section Numbers At A Glance



MF (Current)

MF 1995


Level 1

11 22 33


Broad Scope

Level 2

11 22 33


Medium Scope

Level 3

11 22 33


Narrow Scope

(If Needed)

Level 4

11 22 33.44


User Defined

(If Needed)

Level 5

11 22 33.44.55

Not used



To learn more about MasterFormat™, Divisions see Master Text Structure.