Release Notes

Applies to: SpecsIntact v4.6.2

Released: July 2016 (Web)

What's new in SpecsIntact version 4.6.2 since 4.6.1

Redline Tailoring Options in SI Editor

When deleting hidden Tailoring Options while saving a Section, the SpecsIntact Editor will now redline those options if using Revisions.  To delete the Tailoring Options instead of redlining them, turn Revisions off in the Editor before saving the Section.  As with previous versions of SpecsIntact, the Editor deletes hidden Tailoring Options only after saving and closing a Section.  Until a Section is closed, restore hidden options from the Tailoring Options dialog, accessible from the Editor's View Menu.  

The Editor's Tailoring Options dialog will display redlined Tailoring Options until they are removed by executing Revisions, but will append "(REDLINED)" after the name to indicate that they are no longer part of the document.  To un-redline any text, select it with the mouse or keyboard, and then select 'Undelete Redlined Revisions' from the Editor's Edit Menu.  (01-040)

SpecsIntact Explorer More Reliable and Consistent

The SpecsIntact Explorer is more reliable and consistent, as it will no longer sometimes flash or fail in certain situations, including when selecting a printer or publishing to Adobe PDF in SI 4.6.1. (TR 1138, TR 1145, TR 1147, TR 1151, TR 1207)

Attachment Tags Permitted in Parts and Subparts

The Editor now permits the insertion of Attachment (ATT) tags inside subparts (SPT tags) and parts (PRT tags), even outside of text (TXT), list (LST), or item (ITM) tags.  (TR 1214)

Formatted Tables Update Immediately

When redlining an entire formatted table in the SI Editor, all the text in the table will immediately change to red.  Likewise, when hiding or showing font colors, English or Metric Units, Revisions, or Tailoring Options, the display for any such options inside visible formatted tables will adjust immediately.  (TR 1208, TR 1213)

Redlined Tables Not Tailored

The SpecsIntact Editor now will consistently leave unchanged any tailored text inside redlined formatted tables, as it does for redlined text outside tables.  (TR 1209)

Redlined Tailoring Options in Formatted Tables Visible

When opening a Section with redlined Tailoring Options that appear only inside a formatted table, the SI Editor will now correctly display the redlined Tailoring Options.  (TR 1211)