Release Notes

Applies to: SpecsIntact  v.4.0.548

Released: April 2003 (web) and CCB disc #61

What's new in SpecsIntact version 4.0.548 since 4.0.530

Generate Word Output from Masters

SpecsIntact will now correctly generate Microsoft Word output for Masters as well as for Jobs.

Word Output Correctly Redirected to Alternative Folders

SpecsIntact will now generate Microsoft Word files correctly for users who have specified an alternative output folder.  Use the "Specify Word Folder" command, which is available from the File menu in the SpecsIntact Explorer, to specify an alternate folder for the Word output files.

Old WordSpec Files Visible in SpecsIntact Explorer

When first installed, SpecsIntact version 4.0 will automatically search for any previously existing WordSpec files, to ensure that these files will be available for use in SpecsIntact.


Caution: Any existing WordSpec files will be overwritten if you convert Sections to Microsoft Word from the new "Word Publishing" tab on the SpecsIntact Print Processing dialog box. If you wish to save older versions of WordSpec files, you will need to make a backup copy of these files before using this new feature.

Word Documents Backed Up and Restored Correctly

SpecsIntact will now correctly backup and restore Microsoft Word files.  This will be true whether these files were created using the old WordSpec feature, or the new Word Publish feature available from the Print Processing dialog box.

Archive (Zip) Backup is the Default Format for New Users

SpecsIntact will now automatically create "Archive (Zip)" backup files for new users, unless the "Normal" format is selected. Most users prefer the compact, single-file convenience of the Archive format, rather than the uncompressed, multiple-file Normal format.  The Normal format is provided primarily to allow a backup to be restored on much older versions of SpecsIntact (versions prior to 3.0).

Backup/Restore Dialog Closes after E-Mailing a Backup File

SpecsIntact's Backup and Restore dialog box will now close automatically after e-mailing a backup file.

Find is Default Choice for SpecsIntact Search/Replace

Typing a carriage return in the Search/Replace dialog with no replacement text specified will now cause SpecsIntact to perform a search. If any replacement text has been entered, however, typing a carriage return will cancel the Search/Replace operation.

SpecsIntact Editor Starts in Last Used Folder When Opening New Files

When attempting to open new files, the SpecsIntact Editor will now use the folder of the last opened file as the initial default folder.

Editor Spell Checker Dictionaries Consistently Available

The Spell Checker dictionaries will be available the first time Spell Checking is initiated in the SpecsIntact Editor.

SpecsIntact Printing Improved

SpecsIntact printing is now more reliable, as a possible, although unlikely cause of failure has been corrected. Also, SpecsIntact will now allow printing to be cancelled more easily.

Headers and Footers Corrected

The time shown in headers and footers will be more accurate, as leading zeroes will be included for minutes and seconds.  Also, headers will now correctly display for Job and Master tables of contents, as will footers for the Job tables of contents with scope.


The New SpecsIntact Editor Features:

Improved Stability and Display

The SpecsIntact Editor is now more stable, as several problems that could cause it to fail have been corrected.  The Editor displays and edits documents more accurately and reliably, as numerous problems that could cause it to fail or work incorrectly have been corrected.

Reference Wizard

The SpecsIntact Editor features a new Reference Wizard for inserting Reference information into Sections. You may use this Reference Wizard to easily insert entire References, or Reference Identifiers, Titles, or Organizations from any Master reference List or currently opened Section file.  When inserting entire References into a Section Reference Article, you may include multiple Reference Identifiers and Titles from the same Reference Organization.  You may expedite the Reference Wizard's initial display of References from a Master Reference List by selecting the option "Enable Reference checking using Master Reference List below" on the "Reference Checking" tab of the new "Options" dialog box.

Check and Update References Automatically

The Editor will now automatically compare a Reference cited in a Section's Reference Article to that found in a Master Reference List.  If the Reference title or organization names differ, or if the Reference Identifier does not exist in the Section Reference Article, the Editor will offer the option of automatically updating the Reference Article.  Conversely, if the Reference information is found in the Reference Article of a Job Section, but is not in the Master or Supplemental Reference Lists, the Editor will offer the option of adding this Reference to the Supplemental Reference List.

Use this feature by right-clicking inside any Reference Identifier (RID) tags, and then selecting the menu option "Check Reference."  The Editor also applies this feature automatically when a Reference Identifier is added outside the Reference Article via the Reference Wizard

Draft Color Printing

The SpecsIntact Editor now supports draft printing in color when printing to a color printer.

New Zoom Feature

The SpecsIntact Editor now allows you to zoom in get a close-up view of your document or zoom out to see more of the page at a reduced size.  These options are available from the "View" menu, and as toolbar buttons.

Changing Text Case

SpecsIntact now permits changing the case of highlighted text to either upper, lower, opposite, title or sentence case.  With text highlighted, select "Change Case" from the Format menu to use this feature.

Paragraph Numbers Reflect Revisions

The Editor will no longer include redlined subparts and parts when calculating and displaying the paragraph numbers shown inside Part (PRT) and Subpart (SPT) tags.  These internal paragraph numbers will thus accurately match the final, renumbered paragraph numbers for the Sections.

Improved Interface with SpecsIntact Reports

When double-clicking on an entry in a SpecsIntact report, the Editor will now automatically attempt to find the word or phrase in the Section that caused the report entry.  This feature extends the previous capability, where the Editor would simply display the appropriate paragraph of the referenced Section.  

The Editor will also now do a much better job of locating the paragraph where the reported issue occurred, as it now makes appropriate adjustments for redlined and renumbered paragraphs.

Automatically Add Referenced Sections to a Job

The Editor now provides the option to automatically add a missing Section to Job if that Section is referenced in a Section being edited.  Double-clicking on a reference (within SRF tags) to a missing Section will cause the Editor to ask whether the missing Section should be added to the Job.  This option will be offered only when working in a Job (not when in a Master), and only if the missing Section exists in the Job's Primary Master.

Mouse Over Hints

The Editor now displays hint text when the mouse cursor hovers over four types of information: Reference Identifiers (RID tags), Tailoring Options (TAI tags), Universal Resource Locators (URL tags), and paragraph titles (TTL tags).  Positioning the mouse cursor over Reference Identifiers will cause SpecsIntact to display the corresponding Reference Title and Master Reference List.  Likewise, SpecsIntact will display the active Tailoring Options when the cursor hovers over Tailoring Options, and the full hyperlink when over a Universal Resource Locator.  Finally, positioning over a subpart or part title will display the renumbered paragraph number, which was formerly only visible when tags were visible.

You may specify which Master Reference List SpecsIntact uses for the Reference mouse over hints on the "Reference Checking" tab of the new "Options" dialog box.

Editor Tool Bar Enhanced

The SpecsIntact Editor toolbar icons have a new look that is more consistent with other Window applications.  The Editor’s Tags toolbar has several new tag insertion buttons, and you also may now customize this toolbar by adding or removing buttons and button separators.

New Options Dialog Box

The Editor has a new tabbed "Options" dialog box, where most SpecsIntact editing options can be configured easily.  This new dialog box includes separate tabs for options related to saving, editing, and automated reference checking.

Greater Editing Control with Tags Hidden

The SpecsIntact Editor now permits greater flexibility when positioning the mouse cursor using the left and right arrow keys.  The Editor will now pause at each hidden tag when moving the cursor using these arrow keys, allowing greater flexibility when inserting new text (you may disable this feature by unselecting the option to "Pause for each tag when using keyboard to move cursor" in the "Edit" tab of the new Options dialog box).  As before, the Editor indicates which tags are currently active in the status display at the bottom center of the Editor screen.   In addition, the Editor will now display the correct, renumbered paragraph number with tags hidden when the mouse cursor hovers over a paragraph title.

Enhanced Spell Checker

The Editor has a new spell checker that provides enhanced options for spelling, including spell checking of highlighted text.  The Spelling "Options" dialog box provides many additional choices, including the ability to add additional dictionaries.

New Font Dialog Box

The SpecsIntact Editor features a new "Fonts" dialog box available from the Format menu when editing a document.  This dialog box allows you to specify non-standard fonts for the SpecsIntact tags, or to change fonts back to their default settings.  This dialog consolidates, extends, and corrects the functionality previously available on the "Format Character" and "Configure Tag Colors" dialog boxes.

SpecsIntact Files Saved with Line Breaks

The SpecsIntact Editor will now add text line breaks when saving files.  This change will make SpecsIntact files easier to view with third party applications such as MS Notepad and various file comparison programs.

Improved Reference Validation

When validating a file being saved, the Editor will now check to ensure that each Reference (REF) contains an organization (ORG), and also that Reference Identifiers (RIDs) and Reference titles (RTLs) are evenly paired inside each Reference.

Massive File Sizes Supported

The SpecsIntact Editor can now process files that are many thousands of pages long.

Variable Pitch Font Display Improved

The Editor’s display of variable pitch fonts has been greatly improved.  We continue to recommend the use of Courier New for all SpecsIntact Sections, however.

Text Selection Remains When Changing View Options

The Editor will now correctly preserve any existing text selection when hiding or showing Revisions, Notes, Tags, or English or Metric Units. Text selection will remain in all cases except where the new View settings will cause the starting or ending point of the text selection to be hidden.

Improved Hyperlink Interface for URL Tags

The Editor provides an improved interface for specifying the hyperlink attribute for a URL tag, and prevents the use of invalid characters as URL attributes. Also, double-clicking on a hyperlink in a URL tag will now work correctly even if the URL specified contains spurious leading and trailing spaces.

Section References on Multiple Lines Processed Correctly

Double-clicking on Section references whose SRF tags span more than one line, or contain spurious leading or trailing spaces, will now correctly open the referenced Section.


What's New in the SpecsIntact Explorer:

New On-Line Help and QuickTours

The SpecsIntact on-line Help and QuickTours have a new look, with enhanced readability and features.

Conversion to Word Documents Improved

SpecsIntact Sections can now be converted to Word with automatic paragraph renumbering, as well as with Address, Submittal, and Reference Reconciliations.  SpecsIntact headers and footers can also be applied automatically to the Word documents created.

To use the new capabilities, convert Sections to MS Word from the new "Word Publishing" tab on the SpecsIntact Process and Print dialog box.

WordSpec Editing and Conversion to SI Format No Longer Available

The WordSpec editing features will no longer be available, and converting Word documents back into SpecsIntact format will not be supported.

SpecsIntact Reports Improved and Corrected

The SpecsIntact Reports are more readable, with better information about the condition that caused the report entry.  The new reports also contain enhanced headers and footers to more accurately identify the Job or Master, and the date and time of the report.  

Also, when double-clicking on an entry in a SpecsIntact report, the Editor will now automatically attempt to find the word or phrase in the Section that caused the report entry.  This feature extends the previous capability, where the Editor would simply display the appropriate paragraph of the referenced Section.  

Finally, duplicate entries in some SpecsIntact reports have been eliminated.

New Preparing Activity Column in SpecsIntact Explorer

The SpecsIntact Explorer now features a Preparing Activity display column for Section files, to help identify the agency responsible for maintaining UFGS Sections.  To enable this column, right-click in the right pane of the SI Explorer Window when viewing Section files, and then select the "Column Headers" menu option.  The "Preparing Activity" column header is now available along with the previous column header choices.

Please note that enabling the "Preparing Activity" or "Section Date" column headers will cause significant delays when refreshing the display of large Jobs and Masters, especially those Masters located on network drives or CDs.

Reference Manager Replaced by Editor's Reference Wizard

The new Editor Reference Wizard replaces the Reference Manager, which will no longer be part of SpecsIntact.

Default Print Settings Improved

The default print settings for new SpecsIntact Jobs and Masters will more closely reflect most users' requirements.  Sections, verification reports, and tables of contents will be printed automatically for Masters.  New Jobs will include these options, and will also use paragraph renumbering and reconciliations by default.  Any of these settings may be changed in the SpecsIntact Print Processing dialog box.

Option to Include Division 00 Documents in Tables of Contents

SpecsIntact now provides the option to include Division 00 Documents in Tables of Contents for Masters and Jobs. Select this option on the Reports tab of the Print Processing dialog box.

New Header and Footer Variables

SpecsIntact now includes new variables for adding the time of day to Section headers and footers.  Use the variable {hh:mm} to add the hour and minute, and {hh:mm:ss} to add the hour, minute, and second on which the file is printed.

Improved PDF Bookmark Creation

SpecsIntact will now correctly create PDF bookmarks more accurately, especially when processing Sections containing long paragraph titles or incorrect formatting.

Duplicate Submittal Procedure and Reference Address Sections No Longer Permitted

SpecsIntact will now prevent the addition of a second Submittal Procedures Section (01300 or 01330) or Reference Address Section (01090 or 01420) to a Job or Master.

Improved Default Submittal Register Format Selection

SpecsIntact more consistently and accurately selects an appropriate Submittal Register format for new Jobs and Masters, and erroneous Submittal Description format error messages have been eliminated.

E-Mailing to Address Book Recipients Improved

SpecsIntact will now correctly email SpecsIntact data files to recipients selected from the e-mail client's address book.

Support for Tags up to 200 Characters Long

SpecsIntact will now correctly process tags up to 200 characters in length.