Release Notes

Applies to: SpecsIntact v.4.0.576

Released: October 2003 (web) and CCB disc #62

What's new in SpecsIntact version 4.0.576 since 4.0.571

Project Settings for Units of Measurement and Revisions

SpecsIntact now features Job and Master settings for controlling units of measurement and the use of Revision marks while editing Sections. These options help ensure that each Job's or Master's Sections are edited and printed using settings appropriate for that Job or Master. Specify these settings on the new "Options" tab of the Job or Master Properties dialog box, available from the File menu of the SpecsIntact Explorer.

Orphan Control for Paragraph Titles

SpecsIntact now features orphan control for all subparts and parts, so that the titles of these paragraphs do not appear without any text at the bottom of a page. This feature also ensures that reference organization names in the Reference Article never print at the bottom of a page without at least one Reference Identifier. This feature can be disabled by unchecking the option "Use orphan control" on the Options tab of the Print Processing dialog box.

Support for Adobe Acrobat Version 6.0

SpecsIntact now automatically supports the use of the "Adobe PDF" printer that is created by version 6.0 of Adobe Acrobat. It is no longer necessary to rename this printer to "Acrobat Distiller" in order for SpecsIntact to use it.

SpecsIntact Uses Default RTF Editor

For editing Job cover pages created in RTF format, SpecsIntact will now attempt to use your preferred RTF file editing application. Examples of RTF editing applications are Microsoft Word® and Corel WordPerfect®. SpecsIntact will now use its own, limited RTF Editor only if no suitable Windows application is available.

Redo Feature Added

The SpecsIntact Editor now features a Redo command to redo one or more previous undo actions.

Use of Page Breaks Restricted

The SpecsIntact Editor now restricts the use of page break (PGE) tags to locations where these tags would be appropriate.  PGE break tags are not permitted inside Submittals, References, Section or paragraph titles, Section numbers, and other specialized content.

Opening Non-SpecsIntact Files with Editor Corrected

The SpecsIntact Editor will no longer fail when attempting to open non-SpecsIntact files.

Improved System Resource Usage

The SpecsIntact Editor features more efficient usage of idle computer system resources when editing any Section 01420, "Sources for Reference Publications."

Paragraph Numbers Updated after Deletions Removed

When removing redlining from subparts or parts by deleting DEL tags, the SpecsIntact Editor will now correctly update paragraph numbers.

Zip Backups Spanning Multiple Floppy Disks Supported

SpecsIntact will now correctly create zip backups that span multiple floppy disks.

Printing Some Sections Refined

When printing with the "Some Sections" option chosen, but no individual Sections selected, SpecsIntact will now prompt to ensure that this was what was actually intended.

Default Print Settings Updated

The default print settings for new SpecsIntact Jobs and Masters will no longer include Project and Section tables of contents.  To enable the printing of tables of contents, use the "Reports" tab of the SpecsIntact Print Processing dialog box.

Project Status Saved

SpecsIntact will correctly update a Job's review status level, which was not possible using version 4.0.571 of the software.

Finding Tags Made Easier

The Editor's "Find Tags" dialog box now more fully supports the selection of a tag using the keyboard while the drop-down list of tags is visible. Also, the Editor's view settings and cursor position will no longer be adjusted to display the tag being sought if the tag cannot be found.

SpecsIntact Correctly Handles Missing Working Directories

SpecsIntact will no longer fail when attempting to access Working Directories on a mapped drive that is no longer available.

Section Editing Error Corrected

The SpecsIntact Explorer will correctly open Sections more reliably.  Attempting to do this after a new installation of version 4.0.571 was often not possible until the SpecsIntact Editor had been opened independently.

Corrected Support for Earlier Versions of Adobe Acrobat

This version of SpecsIntact corrects a problem with version 4.0.571 that caused certain SpecsIntact PDF printing features to be not selectable when printing to the Acrobat PDFWriter printer.

Improved Mouse Pointer Display when Publishing to Word

When publishing to Microsoft Word, and prompting for user input regarding Word security settings, SpecsIntact will now correctly display a normal mouse pointer rather than an hour glass mouse pointer.