Release Notes

Applies to: SpecsIntact v.

Released: September 2004 (web)

What's new in SpecsIntact version since

SpecsIntact User Counting

SpecsIntact will now attempt to automatically count each user one time by temporarily accessing a small internet page from the user’s computer.  SpecsIntact will prompt each user before attempting this, and SpecsIntact will not transmit any information over the internet other than what is transmitted normally when Internet Explorer accesses a web page.  After this procedure completes successfully, SpecsIntact will not attempt it again.  Users who do not have internet access, or who do not wish to allow SpecsIntact to count them automatically in this manner, may contact the SpecsIntact support desk for assistance at (321) 867-8800. (CR 04-011)

SpecsIntact Explorer Drag and Drop and Copy Functions Improved

The SpecsIntact Explorer now supports dragging and dropping and cutting/copying and pasting of SI Section files and SI Document files from Windows Explorer into Jobs and Masters.   Drag and drop or paste these files onto a selected Job or Master using either side of the SI Explorer window.  Externally generated PDF files can also be dropped or pasted into a PDF subfolder.  The PDF files must have different file names than are generated by SpecsIntact, and a PDF folder must be selected in the SI Explorer. (CR 04-026)

New SpecsIntact Editor Option to Maintain Revisions Display

The SpecsIntact Editor can now ignore the Job/Master "Use Revisions" setting when deciding whether to initially display Revisions upon opening a Section.  Select the option to "Retain last Revisions view setting when closing a Section file" from the Edit tab of the Editor’s Options dialog, available from the Tools menu.  This option will not affect the Editor’s initial setting for the use of Revisions, which will continue to be determined by the Job/Master "Use Revisions" setting. (CR 04-007)

New SpecsIntact Editor Bracket Replacement Option

The SpecsIntact Editor features a new bracket replacement option "Replace Deleted Characters with Spaces Inside Tables." In previous versions, the Editor always replaced deleted characters with spaces inside tables.  Unselecting the new option will prevent this. (TR 702)


Unselecting the new option would be helpful in the first example below, where replacing deleted characters with spaces would leave extra spaces in the edited sentence:


This is some text inside a [table] [big table] [small table] where you would not want to replace deleted characters with spaces.



Selecting the new option would be helpful in the following table to preserve correct column alignment:


Column A           Column B                     Column C

[large][small]     [metal][wood][    ]          [    ]


Help Menu Changed

The SpecsIntact Explorer features an updated help menu, with a direct link to the new SpecsIntact Web Help Center.  The menu item for the SpecsIntact QuickTours has been removed, as the QuickTours are now available from the SpecsIntact Web Help Center.  (CR 04-034)

Saving to and from SI XML Format

The SpecsIntact Explorer now features a new "Save All to XML/SGML format..." command.  This option is disabled by default, but can be enabled by checking the option "Enable saving to and from SI XML format" in the SI Explorer Options dialog box. (TR 709)

Software Stability Improved

The SpecsIntact software is now more stable, as problems that could have caused the software to fail or produce erroneous results have been eliminated.

Reference Reconciliation Corrected

SpecsIntact now more correctly spaces lines in the Reference Article during Reference Reconciliation. (TR 696)

Working Directory Names May Not Contain "Jobs" or "Masters"

SpecsIntact will no longer permit the use of Working Directories that contain a Jobs or a Masters folder in the Working Directory path.  Also, the SpecsIntact Editor will no longer display an error message ("Error Opening Print Config File for Write") when trying to open a report that was created in a working directory with a folder named "Jobs" or "Masters" as part of the path.  (TR 684)

SpecsIntact Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts Added and Corrected

The SpecsIntact Explorer features more keyboard shortcuts for menu items, and several duplicate shortcuts have been changed. (TR 706)

SpecsIntact Explorer Displays Connected Masters Only

The SpecsIntact Explorer will no longer display unconnected Masters in addition to connected Masters.  This sometimes occurred previously in certain new software installations. (TR 697)

SpecsIntact Explorer Tailoring Corrected

When tailoring only a single Section using the SpecsIntact Explorer, the option to "Match check/uncheck on same tailoring options across all Sections" does not apply and will now be properly disabled. (TR 698)

SpecsIntact Explorer Remove Change Tags Feature Clarified

When removing Change tags using the SpecsIntact Explorer, the confirmation dialog box will now more clearly indicate that the Change Tags are being removed rather than the text they contain. (TR 705)

New NASA Master Text Contact

Frank Der is the new NASA contact for NASA Master text change requests.  Any NASA Master change requests e-mailed using the SpecsIntact software will automatically be directed to Mr. Der. (TR 695)

SI Document Renaming Corrected

SpecsIntact more rigorously enforces its own naming conventions for SI Documents, and correctly handles several types of anomalies when renaming SI Documents. (TR 680)

Sections Added from a Job Correctly Overwritten

Sections added to one Job from another will now be correctly overwritten using the SI Explorer’s Overwrite command. (TR 678)

SpecsIntact Closes Microsoft Word Documents Correctly

When publishing to Microsoft Word format, SpecsIntact will now more consistently close each Word document before processing another one. (TR 710)

Improved XML File Creation

When saving to XML format, the SpecsIntact Editor now more accurately generates well-formed XML documents.  Previously, tags with attributes containing certain special characters (<, >, and &) were not properly converted to non-ASCII text.  (TR 685)

SpecsIntact Editor Tailoring Corrected

The SpecsIntact Editor will no longer delete text when attempting to insert more than the maximum number of Tailoring Options permitted in a single Section.  Also, the Editor will now permit up to 150 unique Tailoring Options in a single Section (this limit formerly was 59).  As before, there is still no limit on the number of occurrences of these 150 unique Tailoring Options within a Section. (TR 699)

SpecsIntact Editor Correctly Saves Empty Documents

The SpecsIntact Editor will no longer delete empty document (SEC/DOC/OTH) tags when saving an empty document. (TR 701)

SpecsIntact Editor Goto Page Command Corrected

The SpecsIntact Editor Goto Page command works correctly when using the scroll control to specify a page number greater than 999. (TR 671)

SpecsIntact Editor Bracket Replacement Corrected

The SpecsIntact Editor bracket replacement feature will no longer incorrectly delete blank lines after bracketed options in certain situations.  This fix will allow the use of improved methods of bracketing submittal classification and reviewer in UFGS Sections. (TR 676)

SpecsIntact Editor Recognizes Only TrueType Fonts

For consistency with other parts of the SpecsIntact software, the SpecsIntact Editor no longer recognizes TrueType fonts.  The Editor will no longer display non-TrueType fonts in the Fonts dialog box. (TR 714)