Release Notes

Applies to: SpecsIntact v.

Released: March 2006 (Web)

What's new in SpecsIntact version since

SpecsIntact Supports Both MasterFormat™ 1995 and 2004

SpecsIntact now supports the use of Jobs and Masters containing MasterFormat™ 2004 Sections.  SpecsIntact will continue to support MasterFormat™  1995 Section for older Jobs and Masters.  Although SpecsIntact will not prohibit the use of MasterFormat™ 2004 and 1995 Sections in the same Job or Master, some SpecsIntact features will work incorrectly with such mixed Jobs and Masters.  To help prevent this, SpecsIntact will issue a warning when copying Sections that use MasterFormat™ 1995 into a Job or Master that uses MasterFormat™ 2004, and vice versa.  After copying these Sections, SpecsIntact will also offer the option of renaming the Sections to the correct MasterFormat™ .  When renaming Sections, SpecsIntact will display a link to web page showing the latest UFGS MasterFormat™ 1995 and to MasterFormat™ 2004 conversion table. (04-024)

SpecsIntact Supports Project Specifiers for Divisions 00-49

SpecsIntact now supports Job and Master specifiers for Divisions 00-49.  Neither MasterFormat™ 2004 nor MasterFormat™ 1995 currently use all these divisions, although MasterFormat™ 2004 may use additional divisions at a later date.  By default, SpecsIntact does not permit the naming of specifiers for divisions not used in a Job or Master's selected MasterFormat™ .  To enable the use of specifiers for unused MasterFormat™ divisions, select the check box "Allow specifiers for divisions not used in MasterFormat™ 1995/2004" on the "Specifiers" tab of the SpecsIntact Options dialog box.

SpecsIntact XML Format Enhanced

SpecsIntact will now save XML format Sections in a way that allows improved web browser display.  Some third party search and replace tools will not correctly locate multiple word phrases contained inside tables in the new SI XML format.

SpecsIntact Checks For Newer Software When Starting

The SpecsIntact Explorer will now automatically check the SpecsIntact Web site for newer software each time that it starts.  When performing this check, SpecsIntact will also check for newer version of the Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) if a local copy of the UFGS if a local copy of the UFGS Master is currently connected.  You can disable this feature by unchecking the checkbox labeled "Check for newer software each time SpecsIntact starts."  This checkbox is available in the dialog box that SpecsIntact displays when newer software is found, and also on the "Update and Restore" tab of the Options dialog available from the SpecsIntact Explorer's Setup menu.  Checking for a newer version of the UFGS can be disabled by unchecking the checkbox labeled "Check for UFGS updates when checking for newer software" on the "Update and Restore" tab of the Options dialog box. (05-009 and TR 758)  

SpecsIntact Includes UMRL

SpecsIntact now includes the latest Unified Master Reference List (UMRL), the same reference list distributed with the UFGSREF Master.  By default, the SpecsIntact Editor will now use the UMRL for reference checking and updating.  SpecsIntact can also use the UMRL for master reference processing:  When working on a local Master, select the menu option "Reference Processing for Master..." from the SpecsIntact Explorer's "Process" menu. (981015, 01-027, 01059)

SpecsIntact Editor Checks For Newer UMRL When Starting

The SpecsIntact Editor will now by default use the Unified Master Reference List (UMRL) for reference checking, and will automatically check the SpecsIntact web site for a newer UMRL each time that it starts.  If the Editor finds a newer version, it will provide the option of automatically downloading and installing the newer file.  Disable this feature by unchecking the checkbox labeled "Check for updates automatically when using UMRL" on the References tab of the Editor's Options dialog box.  This option also appears on the "Update and Restore" tab of the Options dialog, available from the SpecsIntact Explorer's Setup menu.  (02-026, TR 757, and TR 760)

SpecsIntact Supports Color Printing and PDF Publishing

SpecsIntact now supports printing and PDF publishing in color.  Select this feature by checking the new "Color" option under the "Show" heading on the "Options" tab of the SpecsIntact Explorer's Print Processing dialog box.  This feature requires a color printer or software that imitates a color printer, such as Adobe Acrobat® .  (02-034)

Update Section References When Renaming A Section

SpecsIntact now provides the option to update Section references throughout a Job or Master when renaming (renumbering) a Section.  Please note, however, that SpecsIntact will not automatically update Section titles that follow these Section References.  (04-027)

Relocating SpecsIntact Initialization Files and Supplemental Reference List Supported

SpecsIntact now provides the option to relocate the SpecsIntact initialization files and Supplemental Reference List to a folder other than the Windows folder.  These options are available on the new "File Locations" tab of the Options dialog, available from the SpecsIntact Explorer's Setup menu.  (04-030)

SpecsIntact Can Obtain Or Restore Master If None Connected

If run with not connected Masters, SpecsIntact will now offer two additional options for connecting a Master.  SpecsIntact will now offer to 1) automatically obtain via the internet the latest Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS), or 2) restore a previously downloaded SpecsIntact Master.  SpecsIntact will also continue to offer the option to connect an available but disconnected SpecsIntact Master.  (TR 763)

Confirmation of Successful File Operations Can Be Suppressed

SpecsIntact now permits the suppression of messages confirming the successful completion of most file operations, including the copying, deleting, overwriting, and renaming of Sections and other files.  To suppress such messages, uncheck the option "confirm successful file operations after completing them" in the Options dialog, available form the SpecsIntact Explorer's Setup menu.  (02-022)

UFGS Master Changes Requests Submitted Via Internet

The SpecsIntact Change Request form no longer supports the submission of UFGS Master change requests.  Submit UFGS Master text Change requests on the Criteria Change Request web site.  You can access this site from SpecsIntact by selecting "UFGS Master Criteria Change Requests" from the SpecsIntact Explorer's Tools menu.  (04-035)

SpecsIntact Editor Allows Validation Without Saving File

The SpecsIntact Editor now features the option to validate a Section file without having to save it.  To use this option, select "Validate" from the Editor's Tools Menu. (04-001)

Hide or Show Marks Using New Editor Toolbar Button

The SpecsIntact Editor has a new toolbar button for hiding or showing marks (paragraph marks and spaces).  (04-002)

Tables Permitted Within TXT, ITM and LST paragraphs

To permit easier indentation of tables, the SpecsIntact Editor now permits the insertion of tables (TBL tags) inside TXT, LST, or ITM paragraphs.  (05-007)

Reference Wizard Generates Updated Reference Article

When automatically creating a new Reference Article in a Section, the Reference Wizard will now use the new standard UFGS Reference Article text and note.  (TR 748)

No Line Breaking Inside Reference Identifiers (RID Tags) and Section References (SRF Tags)

SpecsIntact no longer will start a new line in the middle of a Reference Identifier (inside RID tags) or a Section Reference (inside SRF tags) when editing or printing a Section.  (04-008 and 04-024)

New Keyboard Shortcuts for Inserting SPT, TXT, and ITM Tags

The SpecsIntact Editor now features keyboard shortcuts for inserting SPT, TXT and ITM tags.  Use Alt-J (press the 'Alt' and 'J' keys together) for SPT tags, Alt-P for the TXT tags, and Alt-Q for the ITM tags. (TR 774)

SpecsIntact Asks Whether to Save Section Properties Changes

The SpecsIntact Explorer will now ask whether to save any unsaved changes to a Section's title or scope before navigating to a new Section in the Section properties dialog box.  (04-015)

Templates Not Modifiable While Adding Sections To A Job

To eliminate confusion, SpecsIntact no longer displays a "Modify Templates" button in the "Add Sections" dialog box when adding Section Templates to a Job.  SpecsIntact still features this button when adding Section templates to a Master, but use it only to modify Section Templates permanently.  SpecsIntact will not add the modified Section Templates to your Master until you first specify a new Section number, and then select the "Add Template" and "OK" buttons.  (03-025)

Software Stability Improved

The SpecsIntact software is now more stable, as problems that could have caused the software to fail or produce erroneous results have been eliminated.

SpecsIntact Help Displays Correctly with Windows® XP Service Pack 2

SpecsIntact help topics now display correctly when running on a computer with Windows® XP Service Pack 2.

SpecsIntact Correctly Deletes Change Request Forms

SpecsIntact now correctly permits the deletion of stored Change Request Forms without program failure.  This form also now uses a "Save" button in place of the previous "Create Form" button.  The function of this button remains unchanged.  (TR 733 and TR 741)

Saving Software Change Requests Corrected

SpecsIntact will no longer fail when attempting to save a software change request when the Templates folder does not exist in the default SpecsIntact Working Directory. (TR 767)

Submittal Register No Longer Displays Double " G" for Classification and Reviewer

SpecsIntact will no longer show a "G" for both the classification and reviewer on the Submittal Register when a submittal item appears twice in a Section under the same Submittal Description.  Also, SpecsIntact will no longer show empty brackets for a reviewer on the Submittal Register.  (TR 733)

Word Publish Tab Hidden if MS Word® Not Available

SpecsIntact will no longer display the "Word Publish" tab in the Print Processing dialog box is Microsoft Word® is installed, but no publishable files are selected, SpecsIntact will automatically disable the option to "Publish Document(s) to Word."  (TR 761)

Tables In Notes Are Styled Correctly When Published to Word®

When SpecsIntact Sections are published to Microsoft Word® format, tables within notes are now styled correctly as notes, and so can be hidden in the Word® document by hiding the notes.  (TR 739)

Word Documents Use Correct Default File Extensions And Type

Sections published to Word® format will now correctly offer a default file name extension of ".doc" and a Word® file type when edited and resaved.  (TR 735)

Section Reference Hyperlinks Created Correctly in Microsoft Word® Documents

When publishing Sections to Microsoft Word® format, SpecsIntact will now correctly create hyperlinks for each Section Reference (SRF).  (TR 736)

SpecsIntact Hides Microsoft Word® During Conversion

SpecsIntact will now more consistently hide Microsoft Word® while converting SpecsIntact Sections to Word® format, permitting better use of other applications during the conversion.  (TR 737)

Extra Spaces Removed After Executing Revisions Using SpecsIntact Explorer

Extra spaces will no longer appear in Sections on which the SpecsIntact Explorer has executed revisions.  (TR 738)

SpecsIntact Explorer Reads Masters from Older SI Software

The SpecsIntact Explorer will now correctly read and connect Masters from initialization files formerly used by older versions of SpecsIntact.  This will allow Citrix Clients to run SpecsIntact without having to reconnect Masters each time.  (TR 743)

Printing Processed Master Tables of Contents Corrected

SpecsIntact now correctly enables the Print button when only the tables of contents (Shelf.doc and Scope.doc) are selected for printing from the Processed Files folder of a Master.  (TR 744)

Printing Section Tables of Contents with Scope Corrected

SpecsIntact now correctly includes the Section scope when printing the Section Table of Contents with Scope.  (TR 769)

SpecsIntact Editor Executes Revisions in Hidden Text, such as Notes

The SpecsIntact Editor will now correctly execute revisions in hidden text, such as notes, English or Metric units of measurement, and unused Tailoring Options.  (TR 750)

SpecsIntact Editor Accepts New Revisions After Executing Revisions With Revisions Hidden

The SpecsIntact Editor will now correctly accept new text revisions after executing revisions with revisions hidden.  Previously this was possible only with revisions visible, or after first saving and then reopening the document.  (TR 751)

SpecsIntact Editor Preserves Search Terms With Leading And Trailing Spaces For Subsequent Find/Replace Operations

The SpecsIntact Editor will now correctly search for text with leading and trailing spaces during subsequent Find/Replace operations, such as when using the Editor's Next command (F3 key), or in repeated invocations of the Find and Replace dialog boxes.  (TR 745)

SpecsIntact Explorer Correctly Finds/Replaces Multiple Words And Whole Words

The SpecsIntact Explorer will now more reliably search for and replace text with multiple words separated by spaces.  The SI Explorer will also more reliably preform whole word searches and replacements.  (TR 746 and TR 749)

SpecsIntact Explorer Replace and Execute Revisions Update Section Files Correctly

The SpecsIntact Explorer will now correctly save files after the use of the Replace and Execute Revisions commands.  Previously, stray text sometimes appeared at the ends of files after the use of these commands.  (TR 752)

SpecsIntact Explorer Replace Command Creates Proper Revision Markup

The SpecsIntact Explorer will no longer improperly next revision marks when replacing text using the Search/Replace command.  (TR 753)

Specifier Names Saved Correctly

SpecsIntact will now correctly add the name of a Job or Master specifier to the list of frequently used specifiers in situations where this did not work previously.  SpecsIntact will also now correctly save the names of Job or Master specifiers, even when specifiers are named for all divisions, and all specifier names are maximum permitted length.  (TR 765 and TR 766)

Correct Folder Shown for Restoring Supplemental Reference File

In the Backup and Restore dialog box, SpecsIntact now correctly displays the folder where it will restore a backup of the Supplemental Reference File.  (TR 768)

SpecsIntact Explorer Supports E-Mailing Word® Documents

SpecsIntact now correctly e-mails Microsoft Word® documents.  (TR 770)

SpecsIntact Printing Disabled With No Available Printers

The SpecsIntact Explorer now correctly disables the "Process & Print" button in the "Print Processing" dialog box if no Windows printers are available for printing.  (TR 772)

Tabs Sized Correctly in "Create New Master" Dialog Box

The SpecsIntact Explorer now correctly sizes the "General" tab in the "Create New Master" dialog box when switching between tabs.  (TR 773)