Release Notes

Applies to: SpecsIntact v.

Released: April 2006 (Web)

What's new in SpecsIntact version since

SpecsIntact Supports Word® 2003 for XML Format Sections

SpecsIntact now supports Word® 2003 when publishing SI XML Sections to Word® .  Previous SpecsIntact versions supported Word® 2002 and earlier using SI XML format, but supported Word® 2003 only when using SI SGML format.  (TR 779)


SpecsIntact Combines All Word® Documents into a Single File

SpecsIntact successfully combines all Word® documents in a Job into a single file.  This feature worked correctly only for Masters in SpecsIntact version  (TR 781)

PDF Bookmarks Properly Nested With Redlined Subparts And Also When Publishing With Color

SpecsIntact now correctly nests redlined Section paragraphs when creating PDF bookmarks and combining all Sections into a single PDF document.  When publishing in color, SpecsIntact also correctly adds to PDF bookmarks those Section titles that are also submittal items or other colored text.  (TR 704, TR 734)

Table Header Page Breaking Corrected

SpecsIntact now correctly page breaks when printing or publishing either table headers followed by empty tables or table headers followed by tables in which all lines begin with spaces.  (TR 777)

SpecsIntact Editor Displays Hidden Notes Without Error

After editing text on a line with a hidden note, clicking on the note's icon to display it will not longer cause the SpecsIntact Editor to fail.  (TR 775)

SpecsIntact Editor Correctly Executes Revisions With Text Highlighted

Executing revisions with text highlighted will no longer occasionally cause the SpecsIntact Editor to display multiple warning messages about corrupt stack entries. (TR 776)