Release Notes

Applies to: SpecsIntact v.

Released: June 2006 (Web)

What's new in SpecsIntact version since

SpecsIntact Allows Any Capital Letter For Submittal Classification

For specifications using unified submittal descriptions, including all UFGS Sections, SpecsIntact now accepts any capital letter as a valid submittal classification.  SpecsIntact previously accepted only the letter 'G' as a submittal classification.  (05-008)

Section References Permitted Inside Note Paragraphs

SpecsIntact now permits Section references (SRF tags) inside note paragraphs (NPR tags).  SpecsIntact will not report missing Sections that are referenced only inside notes when performing Section Verification.  (06-007)

Master Table Of Contents Include Division 00 Sections

SpecsIntact now automatically includes Division 00 Sections inside Master Tables of Contents (Shelf.doc and Scope.doc) created during release processing.  Also, when creating tables of contents for MasterFormat™ 2004 Jobs and Masters.  SpecsIntact no longer describes Division 00 Sections as "Documents."  (06-008 and TR 784)

Submittal Register Corrected For MasterFormat™ 2004 Sections

The SpecsIntact Submittal Register no longer repeats lines and Section numbers unnecessarily for fourth and fifth level MasterFormat™ 2004 Sections.   (TR 785)

SpecsIntact Associates SI Editor With SI Reference Files

Upon installation, SpecsIntact automatically identifies the SpecsIntact Editor as the preferred Windows application for opening SpecsIntact reference (.ref) files.  (TR 791)

Renaming Sections Without Updating Header or Number Corrected

With the option to update Section references selected, but the options to update the Section Number and Section Header both unselected, SpecsIntact now correctly renames a Section.  (TR 791)

SpecsIntact Updates Section Properties Before Renaming Section

Before renaming a Section from the Section Properties dialog box, SpecsIntact will now ask to save any changes to the Section title and scope.  This change remedies SpecsIntact's inability to save title and scope changes after renaming a Section.  (TR 792)

Default Page Number Selected In Editor "Go To Page" Dialog Box

To make it easier to enter a page number, the SpecsIntact Editor will now automatically select the default page number in the "Go To Page" dialog box.  (TR 793)

New SpecsIntact Masters Follow MasterFormat™ of Primary Master

When creating a new Master, SpecsIntact initially assigns it the same MasterFormat™ as the primary SpecsIntact Master.  Both new Jobs and new Masters now initially use the format of the Primary Master.  Change this option for a project on the "Options" tab of the Project Properties dialog box.  (TR 786)