Release Notes

Applies to: SpecsIntact v4.3.0.821

Released: December 2007 (Web)

What's new in SpecsIntact version since

SpecsIntact Features Improved Table Editing

SpecsIntact now provides improved table editing and printing.  The new, formatted tables will appear inside TAB tags.  SpecsIntact will continue to support older style tables (using TBL tags) indefinitely.  To insert a new table, select the F5 key while editing a document in the SpecsIntact Editor.  When editing table cells, the SpecsIntact Editor will not display colors, and will always show hidden text and tags.  These limitations will not apply when viewing or printing tables.  Microsoft Excel® 2002 or later is required in order to publish the new tables to Microsoft Word® Format.

Export Submittal Data into Spreadsheet - Compatible Format

SpecsIntact features a new way to export project submittal data into an XHTML file, so that it is easier to import into Microsoft Excel® and other spreadsheet applications.  Modern web browsers can also display SpecsIntact submittal data in this new XHTML format.  To export submittal data into the XHTML format, select "Export Submittal Register..." from the "Process" menu in the SpecsIntact Explorer, and then choose the "Create Web/Spreadsheet File  under "Submittal Register File Formats" (06-017)

Relocate Unified Master Reference List (UMRL)

SpecsIntact now permits relocating the Unified Master Reference List (UMRL) file from the SpecsIntact software folder to any folder on your computer.  This can be helpful for users who cannot update the software folders on their computer due to security restrictions.  To move the UMRL, specify a new folder for this file on the "File Locations" tab of the SpecsIntact Options dialog box in the SpecsIntact Explorer.  (04-030)

SpecsIntact Editor Supports Vertically Tiled Windows

The SpecsIntact Editor can now tile multiple windows both vertically and horizontally.  Previous versions of the Editor supported only horizontal tiling.   (07-003)

SpecsIntact Editor Supports Long Tailoring Options

The SpecsIntact Editor will no longer fail when attempting to display tailoring tags containing multiple tailoring options whose total length exceeds 100 characters.  (TR 802)

SpecsIntact Editor Can Undo Insertion of Part Tags

The SpecsIntact Editor will no longer fail when attempting to under the insertion of Part (PRT) tags.  (TR 816)

SpecsIntact Editor Selects Text Correctly With Mouse

Text selected with the mouse in the Editor now displays correctly if you first select from top to bottom, scrolling down while continuing to select, and then reverse directions, scrolling back up past the spot where you started.  (TR 813)

Pasting Tailored Text into a Section Works Correctly

The SpecsIntact Editor will now correctly paste tailored text from one section into another, even when the new section did not previously contain the pasted tailoring options.  (TR 808)

MasterFormat™ of New Job Matches Primary Master

When creating a new Job, the Job's MasterFormat™ will now follow that of the primary Master when the primary Master changes. (TR 811)

Section Properties Correct for Found Files

The Section Properties dialog will now display the correct section number and title for sections in the SpecsIntact Explorer's "Found Files" folder (TR 795)

SpecsIntact Prints Selected Pages Higher than 999

SpecsIntact now permits pages higher than 999 in the "Starting Page Number" field on the Options tab of the Print Processing dialog.  (TR 805)

SpecsIntact Correctly Overwrites First Section in a Job

SpecsIntact will now correctly overwrite the first section in a Job.  (TR 807)

Sections Appear Only Once in Add Sections Dialog Box

Sections that have been overwritten using the Add Sections dialog box will appear only once in subsequent invocations of this dialog box.  (TR 810)

NASA Projects initially Use UFGS Submittal Register Format

The default submittal format for new Masters and Jobs with "NASA" in the name will now be the UFGS submittal register format.  (TR 812)

New Submittals Are Submittal Items by Default

When inserting a new Submittal (SUB), the SpecsIntact Editor will no longer include the text "SD-" inside the tags.  To add a new submittal description, type "SD-" and the new submittal description inside submittal tags.  (TR 800)

Publishing Combined Word® File to Alternate Folder Corrected

SpecsIntact will now correctly publish sections to a single Microsoft Word® document in a folder other than the default location. (TR 666)

Added Revisions Correctly Publish to Word®

SpecsIntact will now correctly publish added revisions to Microsoft Word® format. (TR 640)

Justified and Styled Items Publish to Word®

SpecsIntact will now delete ITM tags with justification or style attributes when publishing Sections to Microsoft Word® format.  Publishing ITM tags with style attributes to Word® format may cause the deletion of some surrounding text,  however, so we still do not recommend doing this.  See the list of "Known Problems" for more Information (TR 656 and 657)

Division 00 Headers and Footers Correctly Publish to Word®

SpecsIntact will now correctly publish headers and footers for Division 00  documents to Microsoft Word® format.  (TR 679)

Subscript and Superscript Text Publishes to Word®

SpecsIntact will correctly publish subscript and superscript text to Microsoft Word® format, while removing any SBS and SPS tags.  SpecsIntact will also remove page break tags when publishing to Word® .  (TR 771 and 818)

Publishing to Word® Disabled with No Sections Selected

During print processing, SpecsIntact no longer enables the option to publish to Microsoft Word® when no sections are selected for publishing.  (TR 762)