Release Notes

Applies to: SpecsIntact v4.3.0.835

Released: May 2008 (Web)

What's new in SpecsIntact version since

SpecsIntact Prints Revisions Correctly

SpecsIntact consistently prints revisions using underlining or strikeout fonts accurately.  (TR 822)

SpecsIntact Correctly Prints Tables with Hidden and Merged Cells

SpecsIntact will now print tables with hidden and merged cells consistently with the way the SI Editor displays them.  SpecsIntact also does a better job importing Excel® XML spreadsheets with cells merged across columns.  (TR 862)

Many Large Tables Longer Than A Page Print Correctly

SpecsIntact will now correctly print or publish to PDF Sections containing many tables larger than a single page.


The tables must be so large that they extend across multiple printed pages.  After printing a number of such tables.  SpecsIntact will either fall or print lots of strange table XML codes (and no formatted tables).  This issue did not occur displaying or printing the tables in the Editor, nor did it occur when publishing to Word Format.  (TR 885)

Table Data Preserved If Excel® XML Spreadsheet Not Imported

If it fails to import an Excel® spreadsheet into a table because the spreadsheet is already open in Excel, the SpecsIntact Editor will now preserve all existing data in the table, and will also now better explain why the spreadsheet was not imported.  (TR 867)

All Table Cells Replaced When Importing Excel® Spreadsheet

When importing a Microsoft Excel® XML spreadsheet into a table because the spreadsheet into a SpecsIntact table, the SI Editor will remove the old contents and background color of the first table cell even if the XML spreadsheet contains no data in this cell.  (TR 835 and 846)

Excel® XML Spreadsheet Sized Better When Imported

When importing an Excel® XML spreadsheet into a SpecsIntact table, the SI Editor will remove resize the table in better proportion to the original Excel® table.  (TR 847)

Cannot Undo Prior Editing Actions after Importing Excel® XML Spreadsheet

The SpecsIntact Editor will no longer offer the option to undo editing actions that occurred prior to importing an Excel® XML spreadsheet into a table.  (TR 865)

Unmerge All Table Cells At Once

The SpecsIntact Editor now offers the option to unmerge all cells in a table at once.  To do this, select the "Unmerge All Cells" command from the Table menu when working on a table.  The Editor's undo and redo commands are available when using this feature.  (TR 864)

Text Preceding A Table On The Same Line Displays and Saves Correctly

The SpecsIntact Editor now correctly displays and saves text and white space appearing on the same line as the start of a formatted table.  (TR 828)

Editor Prohibits Accidental Editing Inside Table Tags

The SpecsIntact Editor will now correctly prohibit adding text inside table (TAB) tags but outside the table cells.  (TR 829)

Table Positions Do Not Shift Horizontally While Scrolling Vertically with Tags Visible

While scrolling vertically with tags visible, the SpecsIntact Editor will no longer shift the apparent position of tables from the left margin to the end of the line with the beginning TAB tag.  (TR 830)

Editor Reliability Improved When Subparts Nested Too Deeply

The SpecsIntact Editor will no longer fail when opening Sections with subparts nested more than 8 levels deep.  (TR 856)

Editor Positions Cursor And Selects Text Correctly On Long Right Or Center Justified Lines With Tags

The SpecsIntact Editor will allow the selection of text and will position the editing cursor correctly on long right or center justified lines of text with tags visible.  (TR 850 and TR 857)

SpecsIntact Prints Tags Correctly On Line Before a Table

When printing with tags visible, SpecsIntact and the SI Editor will now correctly print tags just before tables, including beginning TAB tags.  (TR 831)

Table Rows Or Columns With Merged Cells Deleted Correctly

The SI Editor correctly deletes table rows or columns containing the origin of a small group of merged table cells.  (TR 848)

Editor Prevents Merger of table Header Rows With Other Rows

The SI Editor will now prevent the merger of table header rows with non-header rows.  Merging header rows with non-header rows could cause erroneous table printing.  (TR 852)

Medium Or Thick Table Border Styles Display Correctly

The SpecsIntact Editor Table Properties dialog box will now correctly identify medium or thick border styles for tables that have three or more header rows.  (TR 877)

Editor Correctly Prints Tables Inside Justified Tags

When printing, the SI Editor will now correctly position tables inside tags that specify left, center, or right justification.  (TR 832 and TR 833)

Editor Prints Tables On Top Line Of Page With Tags Visible

The SpecsIntact Editor will now correctly print tables on the top line of a page with tags visible.  (TR 874)

Editor Prohibits Insertion Of Table Tags Around Existing Text

The SI Editor will now prevent the insertion of TAB tags around existing text outside of tables. (TR 853)

Resizing a Table Row Does Not Change Other Row Heights

The SI Editor will no longer resize all table rows when adjusting the height of a single row. (TR 844)

Pasting Over Selected Text Into A Table Cell Using Revisions Works Correctly

When using revisions, the SI Editor will no longer place DEL and ADD tags inside existing ADD tags when pasting new text over selected text in a table cell that is not yet being edited.  (TR 851)

Editing Inside Redlines In Table Cells Prohibited

The SI Editor no longer permits editing inside redlined text (text inside DEL tags) in table cells, even when not using Revisions.  This behavior now is consistent with the way the Editor handles redlined text outside table cells.  (TR 855)

Editor Print Preview Table Sizes Match Display

Table widths and table font sizes in the Editor's Draft Print Preview will now more closely match these sizes in the Editor's screen  display.  (TR 868)

Editor Scrolls Back To Table Being Edited After Scrolling Away

If a user scrolls away from a table while editing it, and then continues editing this table, the Editor will now scroll back so that the edited table cell is visible.  (TR 871)

Editor Offers to Update Reference Article Consistently

After adding a new reference identifier to a table cell using the Reference Wizard, the SpecsIntact Editor will now offer to update the Section's Reference Article with the new reference information.  (TR 884)

Editor Saves Empty Table Cell Tags

The SpecsIntact Editor will now save empty table cell tags when saving Sections with tables.  This will not change the way SpecsIntact displays or prints these cells, but it will simplify the display of SpecsIntact Sections by third party applications.  (TR 882)

Justified, Styled And Indented Text Correctly Publishes To Word®

SpecsIntact will now correctly publish to Microsoft Word® text inside justified, styled, or indented TXT, LST, and ITM tags.  SpecsIntact will consistently preserve the specified paragraph attributes while removing SI tags from the final Word® document.  SpecsIntact also will no longer delete surrounding text when publishing text inside styled ITM tags to Word® format.  (TR 656, 657, 819, 836, and 842)

Sections With Revisions Publish Using Word® 2007

SpecsIntact can now correctly publish Sections with revisions using Microsoft Word® 2007.  (TR 837 and 838)

Submittal Register Data Exported Correctly

SpecsIntact will no longer replace some empty columns with incorrect data when exporting a submittal register to web/spreadsheet format.  (TR 858 and 860)

Messages Improved when Exporting Submittal Register File

SpecsIntact will now produce better diagnostic messages when it fails to export a submittal register file due to unexpected data.  SpecsIntact will also no longer issue incorrect warnings about overwriting edited data when exporting a submittal register file and encountering an empty data file from a previous attempt.  (TR 839 and TR 840)

Special Characters Display Properly on Submittal Register

SpecsIntact will now correctly display on the submittal register ampersands (&), and left and right angle brackets (< and >) when these characters are used within a submittal item. (TR 841)

Master Release Processing Succeeds With Missing Reference Titles

SpecsIntact will no longer fail when performing release processing on a Master that contains Sections with references in the Reference Article missing the reference title.  (TR 854)

New Section Created Correctly from Section Template

SpecsIntact will now correctly create a new Section from a Section template, no longer converting the letters "dd" to the day of the month the Section was created.  (TR 787)

NED Tags Removed from Word Document

SpecsIntact will now correctly remove NED tags when publishing Sections to Microsoft Word® .  (TR 756)

ection Number And Date Correct When Section Template Added To Job

SpecsIntact will now provide a correct Section number and date when creating a new Section in a Job using the Section template that SpecsIntact provides.  (TR 849)

Erroneous Message Eliminated Under Windows NT 4.0

On a PC running Windows NT 4.0, SpecsIntact will no longer issue an erroneous message about being unable to delete an error log file.  (TR 875)

Error Message Eliminated when Uninstalling SpecsIntact

When uninstalling SpecsIntact from a Windows XP PC, Windows will no longer occasionally ask for the Windows CD in order to restore original versions of system files.  Also, when uninstalled, SpecsIntact will no longer display an error message about a missing setup.exe file.  (TR 878 and TR 880)

SpecsIntact Network Installation Corrected

The SpecsIntact Network Installation will now correctly install the Unified Master Reference List (UMRL), SpecsIntact Section templates, and necessary SpecsIntact Initialization files.  (TR 875)

SpecsIntact Installation Correctly Registers Needed Components

The SpecsIntact installation will now more reliably register SpecsIntact ActiveX components requiring registration, and uninstalling SpecsIntact will correctly unregister these components.  (TR 881)