Release Notes

Applies to: SpecsIntact v4.4.0

Released: August 2009 (Web)

What's new in SpecsIntact version 4.4.0 since

Automatically Tailor When Adding Or Editing Sections

SpecsIntact now automatically offers the option to tailor Sections when adding them to a Job or Master.  Disable this feature by unchecking the option 'Show this dialog box automatically when adding Sections to a Job or Master.' Enable or disable it on the 'General' tab of the SI Explorer's Options dialog, available from the 'Setup' menu.


Also, the SpecsIntact Editor now automatically displays available Tailoring Options when opening a Section.  Disable this feature by unchecking the option 'Show this dialog box when opening Sections with Tailoring Options.'  Enable or disable this feature on the Edit tab in the Editor's Options dialog, available from the Tools menu.  For easier viewing of large numbers of Tailoring Options, the Editor's Tailoring Options dialog box is now also resizable.   (TR 06-021)

New Jobs and Masters Use Revisions by Default

New Jobs and Masters now will automatically use Revisions.  Change this by unchecking the 'Use Revisions' option on the 'Options' tab in the 'Create New Job' or 'Create New Master' dialog box.  (CR 0010004)

SpecsIntact Lists Section Attachments in Table of Contents

SpecsIntact will now add to the Section table of contents any Section attachments referenced in the Section using the new Section attachment tag, ATT. (CR 001026)

New SpecsIntact Support E-Mail Address

SpecsIntact Technical Support has a new e-mail address, which SpecsIntact will use when sending e-mails to the SpecsIntact support Staff.  The new e-mail address is  (TR 921)

New Default Location Supplemental Reference File and SI Initialization Files

SpecsIntact will no longer automatically store the Supplemental Reference File and SI Initialization Files in the Windows folder.  For customers who have not already relocated these files to a different location, SpecsIntact will now store them in the 'Application Data' folder located under the user's profile in the 'Documents and Settings' folder. (CR-009)


Also, the SpecsIntact Explorer now permits users to relocate their initialization files even if it cannot delete the files from the old location.  this will benefit customers who can copy but not move these files due to computer security restrictions.  (TR 919)

SpecsIntact Automatically Renumbers 6th Level Paragraphs

SpecsIntact now supports paragraphs nested up to six levels deep (e.g.  SpecsIntact will automatically renumber paragraphs nested this deeply, and the SI Editor will flag as a validation error only subparts nested below this level.  (CR 01-043)

SpecsIntact Correctly Calculates Submittal Register Page Count

SpecsIntact correctly calculates the number of pages in a submittal register before printing it, so that the last page number never exceeds the calculated total page count. (TR 172)

Submittal Register Prints With Extremely Long Submittal Items

SpecsIntact will now successfully print or publish a submittal register even for Sections containing extremely long submittal items.  Submittal items longer than 300 characters will not print on the submittal register.  (TR 637)

PDF Format Submittal Register Centered

When publishing a Submittal Register to PDF format using Adobe Acrobat® , SpecsIntact now creates larger left and top margins, so that the form is more nearly centered on the page.  (TR 933)

SpecsIntact Can Display Both Units Of Measure in Jobs

SpecsIntact will now permit Job preparers to select and view both English and Metric units of measure simultaneously.  This capability was previously available only for Masters.  Select Units of Measure on the Options Tab of both the Job Properties dialog box, and the Process and Print/Publish dialog Box.  when publishing both units to Word® format, SpecsIntact will place parentheses around the English units.

Please note that displaying both English and Metric units of measure in your Job can lead to erroneous specifications.  English and Metric measurements in the Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) may be inconsistent or incompatible.  SpecsIntact supports this option for customers with an inescapable requirement for it, but both the UFGS Working Group and the SpecsIntact Interagency Configuration Control and Coordinating Board strongly discourage the practice of showing both units of measure in Job specifications.  (CR 06-012)

SpecsIntact Verifies Master Section References In Notes

When working on a Master, SpecsIntact will now verify Section references with specifier notes.  Also, the SI Editor will now automatically enable the display of notes when opening a Section from a Section Reference Verification report to ensure successful searches for Section References within Notes.  (CR 07-005)

SpecsIntact Displays Long folder Paths Better

When working with Working Directories that contain long folder paths, most SpecsIntact dialog boxes now display the full paths without truncation.  (TR 07-013)

SpecsIntact Starts More Consistently

The SpecsIntact Explorer will now start consistently for users for whom it had occasionally beeped and failed to fun.  (TR 938)

Redlined Reference Article Line Spacing Improved After Reconciliation

SpecsIntact Reference Reconciliation provides better line spacing when printing with Revisions showing and manually redlining References in Reference Articles (TR 935)

SpecsIntact Creates Improved Section Templates

When creating a new Section template, SpecsIntact will now specify the use of Submittal Descriptions compatible with the current Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS).  SpecsIntact will also offer the option of adding a header compatible with the current UFGS Section header.  (TR 886)

SpecsIntact Explorer Adds SI Documents Correctly

Adding SI Documents to a project from the 'Browse' tab of the 'Add SI Documents' dialog works correctly.  (TR 942)

SpecsIntact Format Cover Page Is SI Cover Page

The SpecsIntact Job Properties dialog box now refers to the SpecsIntact format cover page as the "SI Cover Page."  Also, new captions for the buttons associated with Job cover pages, "New/Edit..." and "Select/Copy," more accurately reflect the dual purposes for these buttons. (CR 08-009 and TR 895)

SpecsIntact Explorer Tailoring Feature Corrected And Enhanced

The SpecsIntact Explorer feature for automated editing of project specifications using Tailoring Options correctly applies selections to multiple Sections and provide clearer instructions. (TR 899)

SpecsIntact Explorer Prints Project Properties Correctly

The SpecsIntact Explorer will now correctly print Job or Master project properties without failing.  (TR 918)

Section Properties Dialog Text Clarified

The text accompanying the 'Last Modified' dates in the SpecsIntact Explorer's Section Properties dialog box is now more descriptive of the information shown.  (TR 692)

Network Installation Corrected

The SpecsIntact Network Installation will now consistently create sub-folders needed to use SpecsIntact correctly from a shared network location.  (TR 879)

SpecsIntact Microsoft Word® Template Name is

The SpecsIntact template for publishing to Microsoft Word® format has a new file name,  This name will change again with each new SpecsIntact release that includes updates to this template.  The new file name will help prevent the accidental use of outdated versions of this Word® template.  Older versions of are obsolete.  (CR 07-008)

Publish To Microsoft Word® Faster

SpecsIntact publishes to Microsoft Word® format more quickly, especially when publishing large Jobs or masters.  (TR 662)

Publish To Microsoft Word® More Consistently

SpecsIntact correctly publishes Sections to Microsoft Word® format regardless of the number of spaces preceding the final Section tag.  (TR 806)

Headers and Footers Published correctly to Word® Format

SpecsIntact correctly publishes headers and footers to Microsoft Word® format, including custom headers and footers.  Additionally, the words, 'End of Section' no longer erroneously appear in Word® headers, and the full Section number appears for long Masterformat 2004 Section names.  (TR 717, TR 817, TR 863, TR 866, and TR 872)

Headers and Footers Correctly Published to Combined Word® File

SpecsIntact correctly publishes headers and footers to a combined Word® file.  (TR 883)

Page Numbers Restarted For Each Section In Word Format

SpecsIntact correctly restarts page numbers for each Section when publishing to Word® format.  (TR 891)

Combined Microsoft Word® File Opens Normally

When opening a SpecsIntact-generated Microsoft Word® file combininb all Sections in a Job (TESTJF.doc), Word® no longer displays a message indicating that the file has an incorrect Section file name.  (TR 782)

Titles of Deeply Nested Paragraphs Publish to Word® with Consistent Font

Titles for paragraphs nested to the fifth and sixth levels now publish to Word® with a font identical to other paragraph titles.  (TR 922)

SpecsIntact Editor More Reliable

The SpecsIntact Editor is now more reliable, as it will now work correctly when performing one of several actions that could previously cause it to fail or produce erroneous results.  (TR 775)

Reference Wizard Updates Reference Article Containing Tags

The SpecsIntact Editor's Reference Wizard will correctly update references in a Reference Article that contains revisions and tags.  (TR 950)

Tailoring Options Correctly Edited Inside Table Cells

The SpecsIntact Editor will now correctly insert and remove Tailoring Options from Tailoring tags located inside table cells.  (TR 924)

Editor Saves window Position When Using Multiple Monitors

When using multiple display monitors, the SpecsIntact Editor will now correctly save and resuse its window position in a monitor that is not the primary one.  (TR 902)

SpecsIntact Editor Automatically Adjusts Zoom Setting According To Windows Font Size

The SpecsIntact Editor will now automatically adjust its initial zoom setting in accordance with custom Windows font sizes and custom display monitor DPI settings.  (TR 903)

SpecsIntact Editor Promptly Adjusts Cursor Size When Zooming

The SpecsIntact Editor will now immediately adjust its cursor size when zooming in or out.  (TR 910)

SpecsIntact Editor Applies Tagging Rules Consistently When Selecting Text From Right To Left

When inserting tags around text selected from left to right, the Editor now consistently checks the correct ending position of the selection to determine whether SpecsIntact rules permit the new tag.  (TR 928 and TR 729)

SpecsIntact Editor Removes Tags Correctly

The SpecsIntact Editor will now correctly delete tags as specified using the 'Remove Tags' command.  (TR 887)

Inserting Reference Identifiers from Section Being Edited Works Correctly

Using Reference Wizard to insert before the Reference Article a Reference Identifier from the Section being edited works correctly.  (TR 948)

SpecsIntact Editor Reference Comparisons Are Case Sensitive

When comparing and updating reference titles and organization names, the SpecsIntact Editor will no longer ignore differences in case.  (TR 943)

Select Multiple Table Cells By Clicking And Dragging Mouse

The SpecsIntact Editor now permits the selection of multiple table cells by left-clicking and dragging the mouse curso, as is possible in Microsoft Word® .  (TR 898)

Editor Searches Tables More Quickly

Text and tag searches with tables visible are now much faster in the SpecsIntact Editor.  Searches on large tables often complete in a small fraction of the time previously required.  (TR 917)

Editor Enlarges Table Rows to Accommodate Newly Typed Text

The SpecsIntact Editor now automatically expands table rows to display newly typed text.  (TR 906)

Table Rows Sized Better After Importing Excel® Spreadsheet

The SpecsIntact Editor more accurately resizes all table rows to be the same height after importing an Excel® XML spreadsheet into a table.  (TR 920)

SpecsIntact Display and Prints Table Fonts More Consistently

SpecsIntact now sizes fonts in printed tables more consistently with fonts in the SI Editor.  SpecsIntact also now sizes printed and displayed tablel fonts more soncistently with fonts outside tables.  


For more control over table font sizes, SpecsIntact now provides the option to adjust table font sizes when printing.  Adjust the 'Font Size' slider on the Options Tab of the SpecsIntact Explorer's Print Processing dialog box to make table font sizes larger or smaller.  (TR 911 and TR 915)

SpecsIntact Overrides Saved Table Border Settings

SpecsIntact will now override saved table border settings consistently as specified on the Options tab of the SpecsIntact Explorer's Print Processing dialog box.  (TR 931)

Table Row Heights More Consistent After Saving and Re-opening Sections

The SpecsIntact Editor maintains table row heights more consistently after saving and reopening Sections, especially for the last rows of large tables.  ((TR 937)

Tailoring Options Correctly Edited Inside Table Cells

The SpecsIntact Editor will now correctly insert and remove Tailoring tags located inside table cells.  (TR 924)

SpecsIntact Editor Corrects Spelling of Selected Text Inside Table Cell

The SpecsIntact Editor will now correctly spell check selected text inside table cells after searching for and finding this text.  Also, the Editor more clearly prohibits the spell checking of just a single word or selected words while editing a table.  (TR 945, TR 946)

SpecsIntact Editor Indicates Completion of Spell Checking of Selected Text in Table Cell

Upon completing spell checking of previously selected text inside a table cell, the SpecsIntact Editor will now show a completion message as it does when spell checking outside a table cell.  (TR 861)

SpecsIntact Sizes Printed Tables Correctly For Sections Saved While Zoomed In Or Out

SpecsIntact will now correctly size printed or published formatted tables, and formatted tables converted to HTML, for Sections saved in the Editor while zoomed in or out.  (TR 907)

SpecsIntact Editor Prohibits Merging Already Merged Table Cells

The SpecsIntact Editor prohibits the merger of table cells that are already merged.  To enlarge an area of merged table cells, first unmerge all table cells in the area, and then merge all the cells at once.  (TR 827)

SpecsIntact Editor Correctly Displays Multiple Sections With Tables Simultaneously At Different Zoom Settings

The SpecsIntact Editor will now correctly display two or more Sections with tables simultaneously while zoomed differently. The Editor will also no longer fail to display table content in one Section if you close another Section with a non-standard zoom setting.  (TR 914)

Table Size And Position Improved In Editor Draft Print Preview

The SpecsIntact Editor will now better size and position formatted tables in draft print preview.  The Editor's draft print preview provides only a rough estimate of the final printed layout, however, so table and text positioning might differ from what the SpecsIntact Explorer prints or publishes.  (TR 939)

Mouse Cursor Switches to Pointer When Displaying Context Menu While Editing Table Cell

The SpecsIntact Editor switches the mouse pointer to an arrow when displaying a context menu by right-clicking while editing a table cell.  (TR 947)

Cell Editing Windows Improved when Using Large System Fonts

The SpecsIntact Editor will no longer display stray text at the bottom of table cell editing windows when using large system fonts.  (TR 901)

Carriage Returns In Tables correctly Transformed to HTML

The SpecsIntact web application for transforming SpecsIntact Sections to HTML now properly displays carriage returns inside formatted table cells. (TR 912)