Release Notes

Applies to: SpecsIntact v4.4.1

Released: January 2010 (Web)

What's new in SpecsIntact version 4.4.1 since 4.4.0

New Default Location for UMRL File

For users who have never moved their Unified Master Reference List (UMRL) file and who have SpecsIntact installed on a local hard drive, SpecsIntact now will automatically store the UMRL in the 'Application Data' folder located under the user's profile in the 'Documents and Settings' folder.  This will allow more reliable updating of the UMRL then the former location under the SpecsIntact software folder.  This change will not affect users who run SpecsIntact from a network location. (TR 961)

SpecsIntact Explorer More Reliable

This SpecsIntact release includes newer versions of Microsoft components, with corrections for software failures that occurred for some users when selecting Sections in the right pane of the SpecsIntact Explorer.  (TR 965)

SpecsIntact Overwrites Sections Correctly

SpecsIntact correctly overwrites Sections already in a project using the 'Add Sections' dialog box.  (TR 955)

SpecsIntact Editor More Reliable

The SpecsIntact Editor will no longer fail when attempting to save a Section after being closed while displaying a Section's validation log file.  The Editor also will display a warning when it cannot create a new validation log file because another user is viewing an older validation log.  (TR 956 and TR 960)

SpecsIntact Editor Validates More Consistently

The SpecsIntact Editor will no longer fail when attempting to save a Section after being closed while displaying a Section's validation log file.  (TR 956)

Formatted Tables Permitted in Note Paragraphs

The SpecsIntact Editor will now permit the use of formatted tables inside Note Paragraphs.  (TR 962)

Printing Corrected for Text with a Left Margin Starting Near End of Line

The first line of text inside tags with left margins (such as LST, TXT, and ITM Tags) will now print correctly when the beginning tag is placed near the end of a line.  (TR 959)

Publish to Word® More Reliably

SpecsIntact will no longer fail for some users while publishing to Microsoft Word® format on a computer with Office® 2003

Changing Working Directory More Consistent and Intuitive

SpecsIntact will now issue a warning in the 'Project Properties' dialog box when it cannot change the working directory for a Master because it is the primary Master.  Also, SpecsIntact will not change a Job or master's working directory in this dialog box when a user changes the folder twice and then decides against making the change.  (TR 963 and TR 966)

Greater-Than Symbol Pasted Correctly

The SpecsIntact Editor will correctly paste text containing greater-than symbols.  We strongly discourage the use of less-than symbols, however, as these are easily mistaken for tag delimiters.  (TR 968)

Message Eliminated after Inserting Reference Identifier from Current Section's Reference Article

When inserting a Reference Identifier (RID) into a Section from the current Section's Reference Article, the SpecsIntact Editor will no longer display a message stating that the Reference Identifier matches the one in the Section's Reference Article.  (TR 954)