Release Notes

Applies to: SpecsIntact v4.4.2

Released: June 2010 (Web)

What's new in SpecsIntact version 4.4.2 since 4.4.1

Print and Export Job and Master Tailoring Options List

SpecsIntact now features the option to print all the Tailoring Options in a Job or Master, sorted by the Section number in which they appear.  Select the 'Print' button from the 'Tailor Sections...' dialog box, which is available by selecting 'Tailor Job...' from the 'File' menu in the SpecsIntact Explorer.  SpecsIntact will also export this Tailoring Options List to a web file, which can be opened and printed from web browsers and spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excelâ„¢.  Select the 'Export' button from the 'Tailor Job...' dialog box to export the Tailoring Options List. (07-007)

Use Keyboard to Move Between Dialog Controls More Predictably

SpecsIntact now permits improved navigation between dialog box controls using the 'Tab' key and other standard Windows keyboard shortcuts. (09-012)

Improved Format Options for Exporting Submittal Register Data

SpecsIntact now exports submittal register data with improved tabular formatting, and provides more options for importing the data into spreadsheet applications, such as Microsoft Excel.  (08-002)

Potential Vulnerabilities in Third Party Component Eliminated

SpecsIntact includes new third-party components for saving and restoring Zip format backups of Jobs, Masters and the Unified Master Reference List (UMRL).   These new components eliminate potential security vulnerabilities associated with the previous versions of the DynaZip compression utilities distributed with previous versions of SpecsIntact.  Although the likelihood of a successful attack exploiting these vulnerabilities is low, we recommend that SpecsIntact users upgrade to version 4.4.2 as soon as possible.  Customers who cannot install the latest SpecsIntact software but who wish to eliminate the vulnerabilities should contact SpecsIntact customer support for assistance.  (TR 970)

SpecsIntact Supports new Divisions in MasterFormatâ„¢

SpecsIntact supports the new Division 46 in the Masterformat 2010 Update, "Water and Wastewater Equipment, " as well as the new title for Division 44, "Pollution and Waste Control Equipment."  Future releases of the UFGS may include Sections in the new Division 46. (TR 975)

Initial Printing and Section Templates Correct after New Installation

SpecsIntact will print and publish correctly and provide UFGS Section Templates the first time it is run on a new computer.  (TR 971)

Print Project Properties and Change Requests to Adobe PDF

The SpecsIntact Explorer will correctly print project properties and software change requests to the Adobe PDF printer. (TR 971)