Release Notes

Applies to: SpecsIntact v4.5.2 Beta

Released: May 2014 (Web)

What's new in SpecsIntact version 4.5.2 since 4.5.1

Improved Support for Windows 8

SpecsIntact and its new PDF publishing feature will now install fully on Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows 8 Enterprise versions. (TR 1126)

Reference Wizard Correctly Positions New Reference Article

The SI Editor's Reference Wizard correctly updates Reference Articles and adds new ones in Sections that use automatic paragraph numbering.  (TR 1131)

SpecsIntact PDF Printer Publishes Italicized Text

SpecsIntact will correctly publish italicized text to PDF format using the SpecsIntact PDF printer. (TR 1129)

SpecsIntact PDF Printer Selected Correctly When Acrobat Installed

The SpecsIntact Explorer's Print Processing dialog box will correctly indicate if the SpecsIntact PDF printer is selected when this dialog box is first displayed and Adobe Acrobat is also installed.  (TR 1127)

Masters Bracket Verification Report Works for Deeply Nested Subparts

The Masters Bracket Verification report will now correctly identify unpaired brackets in subparts nested below the third level. (TR 1136)

Quick Note Display Indicates If Formatted Tables Missing

Formatted tables are not shown in the SI Editor's Quick Note Display, which is activated when Notes are hidden by clicking on a triangle-shaped Note icon at the left margin.  The Quick Note Display will now clearly indicate when a formatted table appears in the Note but cannot be shown.  (TR 1132)

Text Displays Correctly in Version Information and About Dialog Boxes

The SpecsIntact Explorer's 'About SpecsIntact' and 'Version Information' dialog boxes have more room for text to display on computers using large or small text sizes.  (TR 1128)

Create New Section and Document Templates

The SpecsIntact Explorer will create new Section and Document templates more reliably, as it will no longer sometimes fail when doing so. (TR 1147)

SpecsIntact Better Identifies Sections with Excessive Row Heights

While printing or publishing, SpecsIntact will more clearly indicate the Section number when encountering a formatted table containing rows merged to a height that exceeds that of a full page.  (TR 1146)