Release Notes

Applies to: SpecsIntact v4.6.0

Released: July 2015 (Web)

What's new in SpecsIntact version 4.6.0 since 4.5.2

New Section Navigator

The SpecsIntact Editor features a new Section Navigator, a navigation and editing window to simplify editing and navigating through a Section.  Besides navigation, the Section Navigator also permits:

The Editor can optionally show or hide hidden subparts (redlined subparts with redlines hidden, for example, or Metric subparts with English only visible) in the Navigator.  The Navigator will also optionally follow cursor movement in the main editing window.  Both options, as well as the option to disable the Navigator entirely, are available in the new 'Navigator and Toolbars' tab of the Options dialog box, accessible from the Editor's 'Tools' menu.  

Temporarily hide the Section Navigator by unchecking 'Navigate (Section number)' from the 'Toolbars and Docking Windows' menu item, available under the Editor's 'View' menu.  

After editing a subpart's title, force the Editor to refresh the Section Navigator using the F5 key, or by selecting 'Refresh' after right-clicking inside the Navigator.

To move or copy a subpart in the Navigator, drag it with the right mouse button, releasing over the subpart or part you wish to copy it into, or over the subpart you wish to copy it before or after.  You can also drag and drop a subpart with the left mouse button to copy it in front of another subpart, but using the right mouse button provides more copying and moving options.  (10-011)

Submittal Wizard

The SpecsIntact Editor now features a Submittal Wizard to assist in adding Submittals to Sections and standardizing Submittals across different Sections.  The Editor displays the Submittal Wizard automatically when inserting new Submittal (SUB) tags.  As input for the Submittal Wizard, SpecsIntact now includes a Unified Master Submittal List (UMSL) containing all Submittals used in the current UFGS.  The Submittal Wizard can add new Submittal items from the UMSL, from the Section being edited, or from any Master (after Release Processing on the Master using SpecsIntact 4.6.0 or later).  The Submittal Wizard also permits manually typing new Submittals that are not yet in any Submittal list.

The SI Editor also can verify that an existing Submittal item is in a Section's Submittal Article, and automatically add it if it is not.  To use this feature, right-click on a Submittal item outside the Submittal Article, and choose the option "Check Submittal..."  (09-022, TR 1184, TR 1192, TR 1193, TR 1194)

New Editor Look

The SpecsIntact Editor features a new look, with options for modern blue, silver, or gray styles, as well as more traditional gray or blue-gray.  To select a style, choose 'Application Look' from the 'View' menu.  The Editor menus are also updated, and both the main tool bar and the tags bar permit adding or deleting multiple buttons at once.

The Editor also permits repositioning the main tool bar, menu bar, and tags bar.  These tool bars will dock to the top, sides, or bottom of the main Editor window, or will float independently.  This feature is disabled by default; to enable it, uncheck the option 'Lock toolbars to top of window' on the new 'Navigator and Toolbars' tab of the Editor's Options dialog box.  After moving these toolbars, re-checking this option will both return them to their original position and lock them. 

Configure additional new features on the new 'Navigator and Toolbars' tab of the Editor's Options dialog, including Section Navigator options, menu animations, and custom toolbar icon sizes.  (TR 1137)

Promote Subparts in SI Editor

The SI Editor can now promote subparts to a higher level, such as promoting paragraphs to Articles.  This feature supports Revisions.  When promoting a paragraph to an Article, the Editor will automatically change the subpart title to all upper case.  To use this feature, right-click on any subpart below the Article level in the Section Navigator, and choose the option "Promote Subpart."  This option is also available from the Editor's Format menu, or in the main editing window by clicking the right mouse button inside a subpart below the Article level.  (TR 1149)

Reference Wizard Checks for Reference Identifier Outside Reference Article

When inserting a new Reference and Reference Identifier (RID) directly into the Reference Article, the SI Editor's Reference Wizard will automatically check to see if the RID exists outside the Reference Article.  IF the RID does not exist outside the Reference Article, the Reference Wizard will recommend adding it.  Disable this feature by checking the option 'Don't show this message again' when prompted about the missing RID.  (TR 1157)

SpecsIntact Includes New Components for Improved Security - New Workstation Installation Required

SpecsIntact includes newer versions of some Microsoft components, including some that resolve potential security vulnerabilities.  New workstation installations are required for all users with a network/workstation installation.  (TR 1152)

SpecsIntact Compatible with Office 2013

SpecsIntact is compatible with current versions of Microsoft Office, including Office 2013.  (TR 1158)

Search for Files Not Containing Search Text

The SpecsIntact Explorer now permits searching for files that do not contain a search term.  Select the option 'Find files without search term' in the Search and Replace dialog box to use this feature.  (TR 1140)

Default Working Directory Location in Documents Folder

For new software installations, SpecsIntact will offer to create the initial working directory in the user's 'Documents' folder, with 'SpecsIntactWD' as the default folder name.  (TR 1171)

Tailor Sections Automatically when Overwriting Them

The SpecsIntact Explorer will now automatically offer the opportunity to Tailor Sections when overwriting with Tailored Sections from an original Job or Master.  (TR 1172)

Jobs and Masters Visible in SpecsIntact Explorer on Windows 8

The SpecsIntact Explorer will correctly display Job and Master names and other folders on the left side of its main window for Windows 8 computers for which these names recently stopped displaying.  (TR 1181)

SpecsIntact Divisions Consistent with CSI MasterFormat 2014

SpecsIntact will now use the CSI MasterFormat 2014 title "Process Interconnections" for Division 40 instead of "Process Integration."  SpecsIntact also will now include "(HVAC)" at the end of the Division 23 title, "Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)."  (TR 1200)

SpecsIntact Explorer More Reliable and Consistent

The SpecsIntact Explorer is more reliable and consistent, as it will no longer sometimes fail or flash in certain situations.  (TR 1138, TR 1145, TR 1147, TR 1151)

More Informative Message for Missing Sections in SI Explorer

The SpecsIntact Explorer will better explain any attempts to edit a missing Section file, and will no longer produce run-time errors in this and other atypical situations.  (TR 1166)

Bracket Removed from UFGS Section Submittal Classifications

SpecsIntact will no longer display a beginning bracket ([) following a 'G' Submittal classification on the Submittal Register for Sections from versions of the UFGS released on or after February, 2015.  (TR 1178)Editor Displays Highlighted Text Consistently While Searching and Replacing in Tables

Project Tables of Contents Ordered Correctly

SpecsIntact will correctly order tables of contents for projects that contain Sections with identical names for the first three levels, such as "35 31 19," "35 31 19.20," and "35 31 19.20 10."  To do this, SpecsIntact will first need to generate a new pull table.  To generate a new pull table for a Job or Master, choose 'Release Processing' from the 'Process' menu in the SpecsIntact Explorer, and ensure that the first option remains selected.  SpecsIntact will also generate a new pull if you add a Section to or delete a Section from a project.  (TR 1179)

SpecsIntact Prompts Before Overwriting Existing UMRL and Supplemental Reference Lists When Moving Them

To facilitate sharing the Unified Master Reference List (UMRL) and Supplemental Reference List among multiple individuals, SpecsIntact now asks before overwriting any files already in a new location when relocating these files.  Also, when relocating the UMRL, SpecsIntact will automatically relocate the Unified Master Submittal List (UMSL) and related files.  (TR 1161)

SpecsIntact Editor Features New LST and ITEM Indent Buttons

The SI Editor now includes buttons to conveniently add LST and ITM tags with a negative indentation automatically set.  These buttons are adjacent to the normal LST and ITM buttons on the Editor's tags bar.  (09-010)

New Submittals Use Correct Case

When inserting a new Submittal, the SI Editor's Submittal Wizard will automatically adjust the Submittal's case to reflect the latest guidance from the UFGS Discipline Working Group, as follows:  Submittals in the Submittal Article and in paragraph titles will use title case; Submittals in Article titles will use upper case, and Submittals elsewhere will use sentence case.  (TR 1182, TR 1185)

SpecsIntact Editor Is More Reliable

The SpecsIntact Editor is more reliable, as it will no longer occasionally fail when inserting new subparts into automatically numbered Sections, when clicking on the paper clip symbol for a Note with Notes hidden, or during other editing actions. (TR 1144, TR 1155, TR 1190, TR 1191, TR 1195)

Open Sections with Existing Automatic Backup Copies (Beta Customers Only)

The SpecsIntact Editor will consistently open Sections that have automatic backup copies, resolving a problem encountered by some SI 4.5.3 beta customers (TR 1167)

Section Navigator Stays Hidden After Being Closed (Beta Customers Only)

When deliberately closed, the Section Navigator will no longer reappear as soon as focus shifts back to the editing window.  This issue affected only some SpecsIntact 4.5.3 beta versions.  (TR 1167)Occasional Extra Characters in Formatted Tables Eliminated

Section Navigator Consistently Positions to Correct Subpart (Beta Customers Only)

When deliberately closed, the Section Navigator will no longer reappear as soon as focus shifts back to the editing window.  This issue affected only some SpecsIntact 4.5.3 beta versions.  (TR 1167)

New SpecsIntact Section Templates

SpecsIntact now includes two Section templates: 'UFGS,' for automatically numbered Jobs and Masters, and 'UFGS_Traditional,' for traditionally numbered Jobs and Masters.  Older Section templates provided with previous SpecsIntact versions will still be available until deleted.  SpecsIntact beta customers who previously received new Section templates will find updated Submittal Articles in the latest templates.  (TR 1150, TR 1170)

Additional Option for Automatically Obtaining Latest UFGS

SpecsIntact now can obtain new versions of the UFGS from either the Whole Building Design Guide web site or the SpecsIntact web site.  If an attempt to obtain the UFGS results in an incomplete and corrupted file download, SpecsIntact will offer to make another attempt from the alternate server.  (TR 1177, 1196)

SpecsIntact PDF is Default PDF Publishing Option

SpecsIntact PDF publishing will now be the default option for customers who have both the SpecsIntact PDF and Adobe Acrobat publishing options.  Customers will still be free to choose Adobe Acrobat for PDF publishing, which will remain the default publishing option for those who elect not to install the SpecsIntact PDF capability.  (TR 1187)

SI PDF Project Table of Contents Hyperlinks Corrected

When publishing a project to PDF format using the SpecsIntact PDF feature, hyperlinks from the table of contents to the project Sections will now work correctly.  Previously, these hyperlinks did not work for Sections published to PDF as separate files, and linked to the second page of Sections embedded in the same PDF document as the table of contents.  (TR 1188)

SpecsIntact Version Number Correct in Control Panel's 'Programs and Features'

The 'Programs and Features' section ('Add or Remove Programs' in Windows XP) of the Windows Control Panel will display the correct SpecsIntact version number.  (TR 1176)

Restore Jobs and Masters Previously Restored from Non-Zipped Backups

Us the F9 key to insert a formatted table in the SI Editor form the keyboard, as the F5 key will no longer do this.  For consistency with other Windows applications, the Editor will now interpret the F5 key as a request to manually refresh the current view in the Section Navigator.

Test Requirement List Title Changed

The Test Requirement List will no longer include a forward slash in the title.  (TR 1199)

Disable Write Buffering to Compensate for Intermittently Unreliable Network Drives

The SI Editor now allows disabling Microsoft Windows write buffering when saving files.  The Editor saves files more quickly using write buffering, however, especially when saving formatted tables; but write buffering may cause problems when saving to intermittently unreliable network drives.  Uncheck the option 'Enable write buffering' on the 'Save' tab of the Editor's Options dialog to disable write buffering.  The SpecsIntact team recommends leaving this option checked to enable write buffering, except in unusual cases where network files are sometimes not saved correctly.  (TR 1153)

Keyboard Shortcut for Inserting Formatted Tables is F9 Key

Us the F9 key to insert a formatted table in the SI Editor form the keyboard, as the F5 key will no longer do this.  For consistency with other Windows applications, the Editor will now interpret the F5 key as a request to manually refresh the current view in the Section Navigator.

Buttons to Insert Metric and English Units Follow UFGS Order

The SI Editor's buttons for inserting Metric and English units (the MET and ENG buttons) are now ordered consistently with the way these units of measure appear in the UFGS.  (TR 1164)

Editor Size and Position Correct After closing While Minimized

The SI Editor will position and size itself correctly after being closed while minimized.  (TR 1134)

Editor Cursor Visible after Editing Formatted Table

The Editor will display an editing cursor more consistently after working in or around formatted tables.  (TR 1148)

Editing and Cursor Display Improved after Inserting RID in Formatted Table

When inserting a new Reference Identifier (RID) inside a formatted table where the specifier chooses to not add the Reference to the Reference Article, the Editor will correctly display an editing cursor.  This issue also occurred when inserting new Submittals using beta versions of SpecsIntact 4.5.3.  (TR 1183)

Editor Uses Correct Address for SpecsIntact Website

Selecting 'SpecsIntact Web Site' from the Editor's Help menu will now correctly display the SI web site.  (TR 1143)

Erroneous Warning about Copying from Redlined Table Eliminated

The SpecsIntact Editor will no longer issue occasional warnings about copying text from redlined tables while performing seemingly unrelated editing.  (TR 1186)

Text Color Correct in Printed Formatted Tables in Additions or Deletions

Formatted tables enclosed in Additions or Deletions (ADD or DEL tags) will now print in correctly colored red or green text.  (TR 1162)

Formatted Tables Display Correctly In Test Requirements Report

Formatted tables will now display and print correctly in the SpecsIntact Test Requirements report.  Formatted tables inside TST tags are limited to approximately 40 rows, however, so use multiple TST tags and formatted tables for large amounts of tabular test data.  (TR 1159)

Print Header and Footer Variable 'Source' Replaces 'CCBdisc'

SpecsIntact now uses {source} as a print header and footer variable instead of {ccbdisc}.  SpecsIntact will automatically convert this variable to the Source information in a Job's Properties dialog box.  For compatibility with existing Jobs, the older variable {ccbdisc} also will work.  (TR 1163)