Release Notes

Applies to: SpecsIntact v.

Released: March 2004 (web)

What's new in SpecsIntact version since 4.0.576

Software Stability Improved

The SpecsIntact software is now more stable, as several problems that could have caused the software to fail or produce erroneous results have been eliminated.

Support for Future XML Format Specifications

SpecsIntact will now correctly process files using either a new SI XML format, or the traditional SI SGML format.  This change will be unnoticeable to most users, but will be required in order to use upcoming SI XML versions of the Master Specifications, which may be released as early as October, 2004.

Network Installation Corrected

SpecsIntact will now correctly update required initialization files after performing a network software installation.

Report Hyper Linking Corrected

The SpecsIntact Editor hyper linking feature to quickly jump from reports to Section files will now consistently provide accurate results for Masters and for the Jobs Bracket Verification Report.

Editor Screen Display Corrected

The SpecsIntact Editor will now correctly display untagged text following an ending tag with a right margin (such as the NTE, NPR, and HDR tags).  The new Editor also eliminates the occasional inability to position the cursor on certain lines of text.

Editor Find Feature Corrected

The SpecsIntact Editor will now prevent the use of the "Whole Word" option when searching for text containing punctuation characters.  The Editor will also no longer fail in certain situations when searching for long phrases.

Editor Validation Improved

When validating files while saving them, the SpecsIntact Editor will now correctly identify certain validation errors that previously went undetected.

Editor Tag Fix Log File Created

When opening a file with incorrect tagging (such as an unpaired tag), the SpecsIntact Editor will now consistently create or update in the same folder a log file describing any necessary tagging corrections. This log file, named tagfix.log, will be created or updated (provided that you have write access to the folder) whenever the Editor displays a message stating that tagging errors were corrected.

Job English/Metric Setting Applied Consistently

SpecsIntact will now consistently apply a Job's English/Metric setting (available on the 'Options' tab of the Job Properties dialog box) when opening Sections for editing in that Job.

Toolbar Sizes Corrected When Resizing Windows

When resized to fill the entire video display, the SpecsIntact Explorer and SpecsIntact Editor will now correctly resize their toolbars, even in cases where a toolbar previously occupied multiple lines.

Deleting Processed Master Files Corrected

The SpecsIntact Explorer will now correctly delete files Shelf.doc and Scope.doc from the Processed Files folder of a Master.

SI Explorer Tailoring Corrected

Tailoring Sections from the SpecsIntact Explorer will now work correctly even if the tailored text includes certain unpaired tags (such as <NED> and <PGE>)

Rename Section" Message Corrected

SpecsIntact will now correctly identify the current Section number requirements (allowing for an optional sixth digit) when it displays a message indicating that a Section cannot be renamed due to a conflict with these requirements.

Redundant Error Message Eliminated

SpecsIntact will no longer display duplicate error messages when it cannot e-mail a file due to a mail system error.

Reference Processing Screen Display Corrected

The SpecsIntact Reference Processing dialog now correctly restricts the availability of its Master Reference List tab to situations where a Master is selected.

Change Request Form Recognizes Windows XP

SpecsIntact will now recognize and correctly indicate Windows XP as the Windows operating system when creating a software or Master text Change Request.

Viewing Table of Contents While Adding Sections Corrected

SpecsIntact will more reliably display a Section table of contents from the Add Sections dialog box (right-click on a Section in the left pane of the Add Sections dialog to use this feature), as several problems with this feature that could cause SpecsIntact to fail have been corrected.

Word Output Corrected

SpecsIntact will now create Word output files with information about the preparing activity included, and without extra blank lines following the Reference Articles of some Sections. Additionally, messages stating that no Sections were tailored will no longer appear when creating Word files from certain SpecsIntact Sections.

SpecsIntact Explorer Retains Window Pane Sizes When Maximized

The SpecsIntact Explorer will now save and reuse its previous window pane sized when it is maximized.