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About ThinApp

ThinApp is a Virtualization Software version of SpecsIntact. ThinApp runs without requiring any installation of agents or applications on the underlying operating system such as registry keys, DLL's, third-party libraries or initialization (INI) files.

This version of SpecsIntact still creates and maintains a few files that are needed for SpecsIntact to function properly. These files are located in the SpecsIntact subfolder of the users Application Data folder.

ThinApp Version is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10, although there are some limitations when using the Publish to PDF features. When using this feature to publish more than one Section, the system will produce a series of error messages appearing as though the process is not functioning properly. Clicking through these errors will produce the PDF documents.

The SpecsIntact PDF feature must be independantly installed when using the ThinApp Version of SpecsIntact. The instructions are available in Chapter 8 of the Installation Guide.

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ThinApp Instructions

To use the ThinApp version, create a SpecsIntact folder under "My Documents", once the folder has been created, unzip the two files into the newly created SpecsIntact folder. To use SpecsIntact, open Windows Explorer, browse to the SpecsIntact folder located under "My Documents", and double-click on the SpecsIntact32.exe file.

If you should have further questions regarding this version, please contact our Technical Support.

Detailed instructions have been included in the New Installation Guide.

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