You have indicated that you are using Windows 8. Because of this, we recommend that you download and install SpecsIntact beta version 4.5.2, which corrects an installation problem on Windows 8.

We on the SpecsIntact team are using this beta version of SpecsIntact internally, and believe it to be free from defects. Because it is beta software, however, we have not yet tested it as fully as we will before making it the official SpecsIntact release. The release notes for this beta version can be found here:
SpecsIntact 4.5.2 Beta Release Notes

Downloading time will depend upon the connection speed.


Click here to begin downloading SpecsIntact beta version 4.5.2
(recommended for Windows 8 users)

If you encounter any problems while using this beta software, you may uninstall it and install the official SpecsIntact release, version 4.5.1. If you do not wish to use this beta software, you may download the current SpecsIntact release, version 4.5.1, which can be found here:
Click here to begin downloading SpecsIntact 4.5.1

You may disregard the web page that links to the current SpecsIntact release.