Icon Indicating Important Information to NoteThis command is only available in SpecsIntact v4.5.0 or newer.  


Use this feature to Convert an entire Job or Master to utilize Automatic Paragraph Numbering, which provides two types of numbering Schemes, Numeric and Alphanumeric.


The conversion process will remove the Subpart number and three spaces from all Subpart Titles throughout the Sections.  Once this is done, the new Meta Data <MTA/> tag will be added at the top of each Section.  After completion SpecsIntact will automatically number the Subparts for the Sections while editing, printing and publishing.  With this feature, Subpart Tags and Titles will always be in sync.


Icon Incicating StopBefore proceeding with the Conversion to Automatic Paragraph Numbering, make sure to close all Section files!


Icon Indicating How To Steps

How To Convert a Job or Master to Use Automatic Paragraph Numbering:


  1. From the SI Explorer, select the Process Menu, then choose Convert Job/Master to Automatic Numbering

  2. When prompted "Do you want to convert all the Sections in Job/Master to use the automatic numbering format?", choose Yes.

  3. It is recommend when the Backup Job/Master dialog box opens, choose Yes.  Although the option to "Do not show this dialog box again" is  available, it is recommended not to select it.  If you do not want to backup the job, simply choose No.

  4. When prompted to Backup Job/Master, choose Yes.  If you decide to not backup the Job or Master proceed to Step 12.

  5. In the Include in Backup area of the dialog box, check the boxes if you want to backup any Processed Files, PDF Files, and Word Documents that are part of the Job or Master.

  6. In the Backup to (Destination) area of the dialog box, choose the Drive from the pull-down list.

  7. In the Directory box, double-click on the folders until you have reached the destination in which you want to save the backup.

  8. If you want to create a new folder for the backup, add it to the end of the path by typing a backslash (\) and a folder name in the Backup Path text box.

  9. In the Backup Type area, leave the default setting to use the Archive (Zip) Format.

  10. Select OK.  

  11. When prompted the backup is complete, select OK


Icon Indicating Important Information To NoteAt this time, a message box will open stating how many Sections could or could not be converted.  If they could not be converted during this process, more than likely some of the Sections had already been converted or a Section was open during the conversion process.  For more information on these conversion errors, see the SIAutoConvert.log file located in the Jobs Working Directory.