image\printbut.gif SI Explorer toolbar


This is a multi-function dialog box not only allows you to print your processed files to paper, Word or PDF documents, but also provides access to the quality checking reports designed to make the project letter-perfect.


The only difference between accessing this function from this menu instead of the File menu is that the Section you selected in the SI Explorer is automatically selected in the dialog box. You may select additional Sections to process and print when the dialog box opens.



The dialog box has seven tabs to provided access to all its functions:



Click the tabs on the graphic above to learn more about each screen

If your Job does not contain any Other Documents, you will not see this tab.

If you choose to print previously processed files from the SI Explorer's Processed Files folder, you will only see the Options and Header/Footer tabs.

If you do not have Adobe PDFWriter or Distiller installed, you will not see the PDF/Publish tab.

If you do not have MS Word installed, you will not see the Word/Publish tab.


The following buttons are located on the right side of the box no matter which tabbed screen is visible:

Icon Indicating Important Information To NoteIf you want to save some but not all the settings, make the ones you want to save first, use the Save Setting button, and then make the additional selections that you don't want to save. Example: You want to make permanent changes to the Headers and Footers, but you will want to select different reports the next time you process Sections. You would make the changes on the Header/Footer tab first, click the Save Settings button, then choose the Reports you want to run.)