The Help system Explorer view allows you choose or search for topics in the left pane and display them in the right pane. This allows you to view topics while always keeping the Table of Contents or search results visible.


You can also view the SI Web site in the right pane (Internet connection required).


Click below to learn more about how of effectively use the SI Help system.


Navigation Tabs:


Illustration Helps Contents TabClick this tab to display the Table of Contents. Clicking the plus sign beside each book will expand the list of topics under that book. Clicking the minus sign will close the book. These topics are arranged in sequential order as they would be in a printed guide.


Illustration Help Index ButtonClick this tab to search for topics indexed by keywords, or choose from the keyword list.



Illustration Help Search ButtonClick this tab to perform a word-search of the content of all the topics in the Help system. Type the term in text box 1. All topics with matching words will display below. Click to choose the topic you want to view.

Navigation Buttons:


Illustration Help Print Topic ButtonClick the Print Button to send the current topic to your default printer.


Illustration Show & Hide All ButtonClick the Show & Hide All Button in orer to expand and collapse all Drop-down and Expandable text on a given topic.


Illustration of Help Browse ButtonsClick the arrow buttons to browse forward or backward through the topics as they are listed in the left pane. To display topics in the order you have previously viewed them, use the Back and Forward buttons on your browser toolbar (if visible) or return to the last topic you viewed by using the keyboards Backspace key.


Click to hide the contents displayed in the left pane in order to display the topic in the full browser pane. Click the Contents Tab in order to restore the display.


Help Topic Icons:

As you read the Help topics, the following icons will guide you to information of special interest:


Icon Indicating Helpful Hint

Helpful hint


Icon Indicating Important Information To Note

Important information to Note


Icon Indicating Caution



Icon Indicating Stop



Icon Indicating Important Information To Note

Frequently asked question regarding the topic


Right-click Menu option


How To Steps


Technical Support Information


Icon Indicating Helpful HintNew users are encouraged to visit the SI web site's on-line Help Center for access to all the SI user tools, including a printable Installation and QuickStart Guides Numeric and Alphanumeric, and our Knowledge Base containing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Technical Notes, and Release Notes.