Illustration Add Sections Browse Tab

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This screen allows you to search your computer system or network drives for .sec files you want to copy.


Icon Indicating Important Information To NoteIf you choose a Section that is already in the Job, you will be asked if you want to overwrite it.


All Sections you choose will be listed in the right pane of the dialog box, with the pending action add or overwrite listed beside it.


Icon Indicating Helpful HintRight-clicking on a Section with an action pending will allow you to choose to Undo the action and remove the Section from the Contents pane.


When the pending actions are executed, you will see the Sections you added listed in the right pane of the SI Explorer view of your Job.


Icon Indicating How To Do Steps  How To Locate .sec Files:

      1. From the Drive drop-down list, select the drive you want to search.

      2. In the Directories box, browse to the folder containing the .sec file by double-clicking the folders to display their contents.

      3. In the Sections box, click the Section, then click the Add Sections button -- or double-click the Section.

      4. Select OK