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The features available on the Options tab are global settings that remain with each  Job.  These settings also control the SI Editor's View Options.



Units of Measure -- Choose either English, Metric or Both. The default for a new Job is English.



Icon Indicating Important Information To NoteBoth Measurements for Jobs can only be used in SpecsIntact Version 4.4.0 or newer.


Icon Indicating Important Information To NoteThe "Use the setting when printing the job" feature should be checked if you want this setting to apply when printing the Job.


Use the Revisions checkbox if you want this feature automatically enabled when editing this Job. This option is not enabled by default.




For the CSI MasterFormat Version -- The default setting  for a New Job is dependant on the Primary Master.  If using the latest UFGS Master the default is Current.  SpecsIntact v4.5.0 no longer allows Jobs to be created using the MasterFormat 1995 version, although established Jobs will continue to be supported.

Automatic Paragraph Numbering


This feature provides the capability to use Automatic Paragraph Numbered Sections providing  control whether the Job is Numeric or Alphanumeric. By default all new Jobs are set to "Numeric"