From this screen, you can either restore a Job or Master from a backup copy, or e-mail it.  You can also use it to add a downloaded Master to your default Working Directory and the SI Explorer.


 How To Restore A Job or Master:


  1. From the SI Explorer view, select File, choose Backup/Restore/Manage
  2. Select the Restore/Manage tab
  3. In the Restore From area of the dialog box, select the Drive
  4. In the Folder box, double-click on the folders until you have reached the destination where the backup resides
  5. In the Files box, choose the Job or Master you want to restore or e-mail.
  6. The information about the backup chosen will be entered in the boxes on the right side of the screen. You may change the Name in the field (a name appearing in red indicates a project with that name already exists).
  1. Choose to:



Icon Indicating Helpful HintDue to E-mail restrictions, backed-up Jobs or Masters cannot be E-mailed directly from the Restore/Manage dialog box.  See the Knowledge Base, Technical Notes for How to Backup, e-mail and Restoring a Job, then scroll down to the section titled "e-mail a Backup".

  1. Select OK

Existing backup files can be deleted by selecting them from the list of files and using the Delete key or the Delete command from the right-click menu.


Icon Indicating Important Information To NoteYou can only change the Working Directory destination if you change the Name of the project you are restoring.


The area at the bottom right side of the dialog box provides information about the backup file that you have selected.