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This screen contains the same information as the New Master dialog box Specifiers tab.


By using this box to assign Specifiers to Divisions on the Master level, all Sections added to the Master are automatically assigned the appropriate Specifiers for that Division.  The current MasterFormat™ uses Division 00-49 whereas MasterFormat™ 1995 only uses Division 00-16.  Some of these Divisions are not currently used for either version of MasterFormat™, therefore by default they are disabled.  To enable Master Specifiers for divisions not used see Setup | Options | Specifiers Tab and select the option Allow specifiers for Divisions not used in the project MasterFormat version.


Specifiers can be entered directly in the text boxes, or chosen from the pull-down list (generated the through the Setup | Options command's Specifiers tab). You can automatically add to the list a Specifier you've entered on this screen by using the Add button, and you can open the list for editing by using the Modify button.