This screen allows you to print other documents that are part of your Job (most commonly used as cover pages).


Illustration of Print and Process/Publish - Other Documents Tab


Checkboxes are provided for the following options:


Illustration Print RTF Cover Page Check BoxThis option is only available if the Job contains a Rich Text Format Document.

Illustration Print SI Documents and Omit Header and Footer for Other Documents Check Box Click to select the option to Print SI Documents selected below


Click to select the option to Omit header and footer for other Documents.  If this option is not selected the Headers and Footers that are defined for the Job will print on the chosen SI Documents as illustrated below.



Illustration Selected SI Document or RTF Cover Page List


Icon indicating Important Information To Note

To Learn more about creating/adding an RTF Cover Page refer to the File Menu -- Properties General Tab Help Topic.  If you would like to  learn how to create/edit SI Document Templates refer to the Tools Menu -- SI Document Templates Help Topic.


Illustration of Process & Print ButtonApplies the choices made on the tabbed screens and sends a copy to the selected printer.


Illustration of Process Only ButtonApplies the choices made on the tabbed screens and sends the results to the Processed Files folder under the Job in the SI Explorer.


Illustration of Save Settings ButtonSaves the choices made on the tabbed screens (except for Sections selected to be processed/printed) so that the next time the box is opened, the selections you saved will be your new defaults.

Icon indicating Helpful Hint If you want to save some but not all the settings, make the ones you want to save first, use the Save Setting button, and then make the additional selections that you don't want to save. Example: You want to make permanent changes to the Headers and Footers, but you will want to select different reports the next time you process Sections. You would make the changes on the Header/Footer tab first, click the Save Settings button, then choose the Reports you want to run.)


Illustration of Cancel ButtonCloses the dialog box without executing any of the changes.


Illustration of Printer Drop-Down BoxDrop-down box displays available printers.



Illustration of Setup ButtonOpens the Print Setup dialog box to allow setting changes like duplex printing.