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Illustration SI Editor's Master Properties Options Tab


The Options screen allows you to store the following settings with the Master:

Use the checkbox if you want this setting to apply when printing this Master.

Icon Indicating Important Information to NoteBeginning with SpecsIntact Version 4.4.0 the default setting for New Jobs and Masters will be set to use Revisions.

Icon Indicating Important Information to NoteThe default when using the UFGS Master will be set to Current.

Icon Indicating Important Information to NoteTo learn more see the Help Topic entitled Automatic Paragraph Numbering.


Icon Indicating Important Information to NoteAutomatic Paragraph Numbering Options can only be used in SpecsIntact Version 4.5.0 or newer.


Icon Indicating CautionCaution:  When using the Automatic Numbering, be careful exchanging Jobs or Sections with others as older SpecsIntact versions (v4.4.2 and older) does not support the new format!.  Make sure they are aware your Sections are using this feature and they are using a version of SpecsIntact that supports it.


Icon Indicating Helpful HintUsers should obtain the latest QuickStart Guide based on the Numbering scheme they will be using whether it would be Numeric or Alphanumeric.  These Guides are available in PDF Format and designed for learning the basics of SpecsIntact from start to finish.  Save the QuickStart Guide to the desktop for searching on specific topics.

How to Change a Master to use the Automatic Paragraph Numbering Scheme:


Icon Indicating StopUntil the Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) Master is using the Automatic Numbering, this feature will not work.  To learn more on converting a Master to use the Automatic Numbering, see the Convert to Automatic Numbering topic.

  1. Right-click on an existing Master, select Properties

  2. From the Properties for Master dialog box, select the Options Tab

  3. Under Master Options, choose either Numeric or Alphanumeric

  4. Select OK

Icon Indicating Helpful HintDon't forget that the default Setting for new projects is automatically set to use Numeric since this is the numbering standard for the UFGS.