The Add SI Documents dialog box functions in the same way as the Add Sections dialog box, except that it searches the selected source for existing files with the SpecsIntact .doc extensions. These documents (formerly known as Format Templates) are most commonly used for cover letters and project information sheets. This function is only available for Jobs.  SI Documents can be added from existing Jobs, Templates or by the Browse feature.


Icon Indicating Important Information To NoteSI Documents are not distributed with SpecsIntact therefore, they must be created from the Tools | SI Documents Templates command before they can be added to a Job.


 How To Add SI Documents to your Job:

  1. Select File, then choose  Add SI Documents or right-click and select Add SI Documents

  2. Under Add From, choose the Templates Tab

  3. Under Choose SI Document, select one of the templates

  4. Either double-click on the template to add it or select Add Templates

  5. Select OK

When added to your Job, these additional documents will be listed in the right pane of the SI Explorer along with the Section files, and will have a default color coding of yellow for the icon.


Icon Indicating Important Information to NoteIf you want to create a new document or edit an existing one,  go to the  Tools | SI Documents Templates command).

Illustration SI Document Templates

Icon Indicating Helpful HintThe Project Information Form and Specification Cover Sheet for NAVFAC are available on the Whole Building Design Guides Construction Criteria Base Specification Library.