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Use this command to add Sections to new or existing Jobs and Masters.


Icon Indicating Important Information To Note MasterFormat™


Icon Indicating Important Information To Note MasterFormat™ 1995


The left Add From pane of the dialog box has four tabs to provide you with various sources for the Sections you can add.

Click on the tabs above to learn more about their functions.


The right Contents pane lists the Sections that are already part of the Job or Master, along with those that you have selected to be added.

You may sort the listing in the Contents pane by clicking on the headings:

Icon Indicating Right-Click OptionRight-clicking on a Section with an action pending will allow you to undo the action and remove the Section from the Contents pane.


Icon Indicating StopThe system is designed to display a warning about mixing current MasterFormat™ Sections with the older  MasterFormat™  1995 Sections which should not be combined in the same Job or Master.