This command will make a duplicate copy of the selected Job or Master. The dialog box will allow you to assign it a name and choose the Working Directory can be selected from the pull-down list. If you enter a name that already exists, it will prompt you to choose a different name (it will not overwrite the Job of the duplicate name).


Icon Indicating StopValid names may contain up to eight letters and numbers with no special characters or spaces.



Icon Indicating How To Steps  How To Delete A Job or Master:

  1. From the SI Explorer View, select the Job or Master

  2. Select the File Menu, choose Duplicate Job or Duplicate Master, or by right-clicking on the Job or Master and choosing  Duplicate Job or Duplicate Master

  3. When the Duplicate Job dialog box opens, place the cursor in the New Job Name field, enter the Job Name/Master Name ( cannot contain spaces or more than eight characters).

  4. In the Working Directory field, choose the Working Directory in which the Job/Master should be duplicated by selecting the .

  5. Select OK