This command allows you to search the entire contents of the selected Job or Master for the text or tag entered in the Find area. When searching for tags, enter just the three characters in uppercase.  Example: "ENG", not "eng" or "<ENG>".


In addition, the text (but not tags) can be globally replaced with any text entered in the Replace With area. If you leave the Replace With area empty, and click the Replace button, you can remove all instances of the text in the Find area.


Icon Indicating StopThe Replace function is permanent and cannot be reversed. Using the Backup button to make a copy of your Job or Master before performing global replacements is strongly advised.


Three check boxes affect the results of your Search/Replace, and they can be used in combination with each other to produce the specific results you want.

The Section with results from your Search/Replace is placed in a temporary subfolder called Found Files, located in the SI Explorer under the Job or Master folder. This subfolder will remain only until SpecsIntact is closed. The results of any subsequent Search/Replace in the same Job or Master will replace the previous results in the subfolder.


Icon Indicating StopSections from Jobs/Masters located on the local hard drive and need to restore them, they can be found in your system’s Recycle Bin.  If the Jobs/Masters reside on the Network, the System Administrator will have to restore the files.


Using this function, you can also conduct a secondary search of selected Sections in the Found Files subfolder (to do a secondary search of all the Sections in the Found Files subfolder, use the File menu Search/Replace command).  When executing a secondary search, make certain that the Found Files subfolder is selected, not the Job or Master folder.



You can also perform any of the regular functions (such as drag-and-drop, open for editing, printing or deleting) on Sections located in the Found Files folder.


If you want to search only selected Sections in a Job or Master, use the Sections menu Search/Replace command.


Icon Indicating Important Information To NoteSince the SI Explorer can search for text or tags, the search results may differ from the SI Editor's Find feature.   For example, often times the search term may be a Tailoring Option, therefore you must use View|Tailoring Options to see the Text.