This command allows you to renumber the Sections which resides in the Local Master.  This process renumbers the Subpart Levels within the Section(s) and permanently changes the actual Section (.sec) files, not the Processed (.prn) files.

Icon Indicating Important Information To NoteTo renumber the Section content of Jobs, use the File | Process and Print command.

Icon Indicating Important Information To NoteTo change a Section number, use Sections | Rename.

Icon Indicating How To StepsSteps For Renumbering Sections within a Local Master:

  1. Select a Local master folder in the left pane of the SI Explorer

  2. Select all Sections or Individual Sections on the right pane by using the Illustration Alt Key or keys to highlight the Sections

  3. From the SI Explorer Menu, select Sections

  4. Choose Renumber or right-click on the highlighted area and choose Renumber

  5. On the Renumber Sections dialog box, choose Yes

  6. Once the renumbering process is complete SI will state the number of Sections renumbered, choose OK