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This command opens the Working Directories dialog box. Since multiple Working Directories are possible, this box allows you to select or deselect Working Directories listed, or create new ones. If you have never installed SpecsIntact before, it will provide a default Working Directory path of "c:\sisgml" that can be changed to another location.


Icon Indicating Helpful HintFor new installations or creating new/multiple Working Directories refer to the Installation Guide located on SpecsIntact's Web Help Center.



Any Working Directories listed in the text box that have checks beside them are connected and will have their Jobs and Masters displayed in the SI Explorer.  Removing a check will prevent the contents of that Working Directory from being displayed in the SI Explorer, but will leave it in the text box for future use.

Icon Indicating How To SteopsSteps for Setting up Working Directories:

  1. On the Setup Menu select Working Directories

  2. Choose Add to List

  3. The Specify New Working Directory dialog Box will open

  4. Under Drive, click on the down arrow  to choose the Drive.

  5. Under Directories, double-click the folders until the destination folder is located

  6. The Directory Name field will reflect the path chosen.

  7. Choose OK

To Create a New Folder:

  1. Follows steps 1 through 6 above, then place the cursor in the Directory Name field, at the end of the path name and type the name.

  2. Choose OK

  3. A message box will appear stating The specified folder does not exist.  Do you want to create it?, choose Yes

Icon Indicating CautionIf you try to connect a Working Directory containing a Job or local Master with the same name as one in a Working Directory that is already connected, you will receive a warning box. You must either rename one of the projects or remove one of them before both Working Directories can be connected. This prevents two projects with the same name from being displayed in the Explorer.



Icon Indicating StopWhen setting up the Working Directories avoid the following:

  1. Do not Create the Working Directories in the same location where SpecsIntact is installed.  (Example:  C;\Program Files\SpecsIntact)

  2. Do not Create the Working Directories directly on the Root Drive. (Example:  C:\ ; R:\ etc.)

  3. Do not designate a Working Directory that contains another Working Directory.

  4. Do not use Jobs or Masters in the Path name since these are system designated folders already used and created within the Working Directory.


Icon Indicating Helpful HintAvoid making the Working Directory paths too long, keep them simple!