This command allows the user to create, edit, copy or delete an existing SI Document Template (previously known as Format Templates) listed in the text box, or to create a new Template.  This function is primarily used for creating blank templates such as cover pages, bid schedules and/or project information sheets that can be used in multiple jobs.


Illustration Close Button Closes the SI Document Template Dialog Box


Opens the Create New SI Document Template dialog box where you can assign a Name, Working Directory and Title for the new Template. It will be listed in the text box along with existing SI Document Templates.


Illustration Edit Button  Opens the Template you have selected from the dialog box in the SI Editor where you can edit the template.


Illustration SI Explorer's Copy Button Makes a copy of the Template selected in the text box, giving it a Name and assigning it a Working Directory.


Illustration SI Explorer's Delete ButtonAllows you to delete the Template selected in the text box.