This command reverses Revisions previously designated by both <ADD></ADD> tags and green underlining, and <DEL></DEL> tags and red overstrike (combining the functions of Undelete Redlined Revisions and Delete Added Revisions into one action).

Icon Indicating Important InformationYou may use the Edit | Undo command to reverse the results of this function before the changes have been saved or the Execute Revisions command has been used.


Example of reversing Revisions of selected text using this function:

<TXT>The User's Guide states that <DEL>SpecsIntact will not unmark the selected text</DEL><ADD>the program will assist you by marking</ADD>revisions in the Section.</TXT>

<TXT>The User's Guide states that SpecsIntact will not unmark the selected text revisions in the Section.</TXT>