The SI Editor --  is specifically designed for editing facility project specifications. It uses many functions common to other Windows-based programs, with additional customized editing features accessible from its menus, toolbar and tags buttons.


The Editor uses a tagging system for defining elements of information. Jobs are created from Master files -- called Sections -- that already contain the tagging mark-up and display color coding for certain elements.

While editing, you can turn on or off the view capability for various elements such as Tags, Notes, Revisions, and measurements ( Metric and English). When using the Editor's File | Print Draft command, any elements displayed on your screen will be printed as well. A Tailoring (pre-editing) feature assists in editing Sections that have been marked with Tailoring tags for specific job requirements.


Icon Indicating Helpful Hint The right mouse button provides a shortcut to many commands. To use this feature, click the right mouse button and select a command from the menu displayed. The right-click menu options available will vary based on the functions in progress at the time.


Illustration SI Editor's Status Bar

The status bar located at the bottom of the Editor’s screen provides the following information:

On-screen assistance is always accessible from the Help Menu or by pressing the <F1> key to view context-sensitive Help.


Icon Indicating Important Information To Note Graphics in specifications are not currently supported.