Click on the buttons in the graphic below for brief descriptions of their functions,
or see Toolbar Buttons and Tagsbar Buttons for more detail on each function.


The SI Editor’s Toolbar

SI Editor Toolbar


and Tagsbar

SI Editor's Tagsbar


Provides shortcuts to many of the commands that are frequently used in editing guide specifications, along with many of the commonly used tags. You can use the View menus Toolbars and Docking Windows to display or hide the bars, or you can customize either the Toolbar or Tagsbar by adding or removing buttons. Click the down arrow button at the right of the Toolbar or Tagsbar to display these options.


Icon Indicating Important Information To Note If you need to know a button’s function as you are working in the Editor, place your mouse pointer over the button to display the description. This can be especially helpful as a reminder for identifying tags.


The tag buttons allow you to insert pairs of beginning and ending tags in the Section. This can be done in one of two ways. Position the cursor at the point of insertion and click the appropriate button on the Tagsbar. The corresponding set of tags will be inserted and the cursor positioned between the beginning and ending tags for text entry. You may also select existing text then click the appropriate Toolbar button. The set of tags will then surround the selected text.


Icon Indicating Caution It is highly recommended that you insert tags either by using the Tagsbar or from the menus using the Insert | Tags command. Manually typed tags will not be recognized by the Editor during that editing session.


If you select a tag that is not permitted at the cursor's location, you will see a rules violation warning.



Icon Indicating Helpful HintTo Customize the Toolbar or Tagsbar Buttons select the drop down arrow on the right of the Toolbar or Tagsbar in order to Add or Remove additional Buttons (as illustrated below).  




Illustration SI Editor's Customize Toolbar Options

Illustration SI Editor's Customize Tagsbar