Submittals are required primarily for quality assurance and quality control of critical project elements.  Submittals are one of the design professional's best tools to ensure that a construction project is completed in accordance with contract documents.


The Submittal Wizard automates the insertion of Submittals within the Submittal Article and Section text by using SUB tags to identify the Submittal-related elements.  The Submittal Wizard uses the Unified Master Submittal List (UMSL) in order to standardized the Submittals


Icon Indicating Helpful HintThe Submittal Wizard is activated by positioning the cursor anywhere within the Submittal Article and then selecting the SUB button located on the SI Editor's Tagsbar.


From the Submittal Wizard, you can choose Submittals from any of the Submittal Lists available on your system.


Illustration SI Editor's Submittal Wizard


Illustration Icon Indicating Right-Click Menu OptionThe Check Submittal feature will run automatically when you add a Submittal outside of a Section's Submittal Article.



 Illustration Valid Submittal Classification Codes


Using the Submittal Wizard:


Illustration Icon Indicating How To StepsHow do I add a Submittal Description and Submittal Item

Illustration Icon Indicating Important Information To NoteWhen adding new Submittal Items, you have the option to choose Submittals Items from the Unified Master Submittal List, current Section, or any other connected Master