As of April 2011, the SpecsIntact Team released v4.5.0, which incorporates Automatic Paragraph Numbering.  This feature will not only generate the paragraph numbers automatically, but will also provide the capability to use two types of paragraph numbering schemes,  Numeric and Alphanumeric, as illustrated below.  This version will also continue to support current SpecsIntact Jobs and Masters that use the existing format as well as allow them to be Converted to the new automatically numbered format providing the capability to switch between both numbering schemes.


Although this version of SpecsIntact supports the Automatic Paragraph Numbering, the Unified Facilities Guide Specification (UFGS) Master has not yet been converted. To take advantage of this feature, you will need to convert your UFGS Master as well as your existing Jobs and Local Masters in order for them to be compatible with one another.  If you are not quite ready to fully use this feature, you can also duplicate the UFGS Master and name it UFGSAuto, then convert this Master to use the Automatic Numbering.




Icon Indicating CautionCaution:  When using the Automatic Numbering, be careful exchanging Jobs or Sections with others as older SpecsIntact versions v4.4.2 and older will not support the new format!.  Make sure they are aware your Sections are using this feature and they are using a version of SpecsIntact that supports it.


Icon Indicating Helpful HintSee the SI Explorer's Process Menu topic to learn more about converting Jobs and Masters.


Icon Indicating StopAt the present time, the conversion process is only a one way conversion process to the Automatic Numbering.  Once a Job or Master has been converted, it cannot be converted back.


All three Agencies will continue to use the Numeric format as their standard.  To learn more about the format standard,  visit the Whole Building Design Guide's Unified Facilities Criteria page then locate UFC 1- 300-02 Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) Format Standard.


How do I know when a Section is using the Automatic Paragraph Numbering or the Traditional Numbered?

There are two ways in which you can tell if a Section is using the automatic numbering.  The first would be to look for the new Meta Data (<MTA>) tag located at the top of each Section following the Section (<SEC>) tag, and Meta Data tag for the Unified Submittal Format.


Automatic Paragraph Numbering


Another easy way to tell when a Section is using the Automatic Paragraph Numbering is to turn the Tags View on by selecting the button located on the Toolbar.  Once the tags are visible, locate the first Subpart (<SPT>) tag, if the subpart number is located to the left of the Title <TTL> tag, then the Section is using Automatic Paragraph Numbering.  With the Traditional Numbering, the subpart numbers will always appear within the Title Tags along with three spaces  and the Title.


Automatic Paragraph Numbering


Icon Indicating Helpful HintTo learn more about Editing Sections that use Automatic Paragraph Numbering, users should obtain SpecsIntact's QuickStart Guides for Numeric or Alphanumeric from the SpecsIntact Help Center.  The Guides are available in PDF Format and designed for learning SpecsIntact basics.