Previously, there were nineteen Submittal types, with NASA and Army utilizing ten submittal descriptions (SDs), and Navy using seventeen. To further standardize the technical content of specifications, the three agencies agreed to implement Unified Submittal Descriptions that reduce the number of Submittals to eleven, which are listed below:


SD-01 Preconstruction Submittals

SD-02 Shop Drawings

SD-03 Product Data

SD-04 Samples

SD-05 Design Data

SD-06 Test Reports

SD-07 Certificates

SD-08 Manufacturer's Instructions

SD-09 Manufacturer's Field Reports

SD-10 Operation and Maintenance Data

SD-11 Closeout Submittals


With the release of the NASA and Navy Masters on the CCB disc #50 (October, 1999), and Army’s Masters on the CCB disc #54 (October, 2000) Sections from the agencies’ Masters may be mixed in the same Job without producing conflicting results on the Submittal Register (using the Navy Submittal Register for both Army and Navy Jobs). Further standardization occurred when the Military Services unified their specifications, effective March 2001. The new specifications have six character Section names and use the former Navy Submittal Register.


SpecsIntact has the ability to distinguish between the previous and current Submittal Descriptions, and will not allow Sections with differing formats to be mixed within a Job. A <MTA> tag identifies a Section containing the current Submittal Descriptions. When the software encounters an attempt to mix the previous and current formats, it prompts you to choose which format you would like to use for the Job.


The choice of Submittal Descriptions for a Job or local Master can be changed at any time from the Properties dialog box, using the checkbox for Unified Submittal Descriptions. However, it should be noted that choosing the new format for a Job containing the old Submittal Descriptions does not automatically change the formatting of the Submittal Article and the SD numbers, but only identifies that the Job is using the new format. To make the old Sections in a Job or a local Master compliant with the new Submittal Descriptions, you must change the SD numbers and the Submittal Article format using the SpecsIntact Editor and add the new <MTA> tag.


For more detailed information on changing from the former Submittal Descriptions to the Unified Descriptions, see the following topics:

Icon Indicating Important Information To NoteFor more information concerning Submittals, refer to the UFGS Submittal Procedure Section:


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