<ADD> </ADD>




Shows additions to the original text. Used for Revisions to depict the information that has been added to the text that is not original information. <ADD> tags can not be added using the Insert | Tags menu option. To insert <ADD> tags, you must turn on the Revisions function (Edit Menu). When new text is entered, the <ADD> tags will be inserted automatically. Text surrounded by ADD tags appears green and underlined. Text encompassed with the ADD tags will be added (and the ADD tags will be removed) when the Edit | Execute Revisions command is selected.




SI Editor's Tagsbar TXT Button Tags Bar Button, Edit Menu | Revisions or Shift+F8






The addition tag is accessed by the Revisions function. Any text surrounded by Add tags is considered text that was added to the original text and will be incorporated in the future. Use Edit | Execute Revisions to remove all of the revisions (DEL tags as well as ADD tags) throughout the Section and remove addition tags while adding the text within the ADD tags to the Section.




Illustration of Added Text Using Revisions

Illustration of Added Text Using Revisions