<TAI> </TAI>




Designates text that may be removed globally from a Section or an entire Job through the Tailoring command.




Menu Insert | Tailoring




Individual Tailoring Options can be up to sixty characters long.


Tailoring Options are designed to make specification editing easier through pre-editing information that has been marked with Tailoring tags (< TAI>) by the Master specification writer. This provides the specification editor with the ability to included or excluded these portions in their entirety, thereby eliminating requirements that do not pertain to the Job without editing them manually from the text.


With Tags turned on the tag looks as follows:

Illustration Tailoring Tags


<TAI OPT=DUST><TXT>Dust and dirt rising during demolition operations shall be effectively controlled by water sprinkling or other approved method.</TXT></TAI>


Tailoring Options can be edited from two different locations: