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This process changes the Submittal Procedures Section, making it unique to the Job by listing only the Submittal Descriptions actually used throughout the Job. Submittals used in the Sections but not found in the Submittal Procedures Section will be listed on the Submittal Verification Report.




MasterFormatâ„¢ 1995


Icon Indicating StopNEVER delete Submittals from the Submittal Procedures Section. This will be done automatically when the Submittal Reconciliation option is selected.


Icon Indicating CautionThe above modifications are made to the print .prn files and not the .sec files. Each time a new .prn file is generated, it overwrites the previous one.


Icon Indicating Important Information to NoteIf the Submittal Procedure Section is not included in the Job, the Submittal Reconciliation option will not be available.