SI Explorer File menu | Process & Print | Reports tab


The Submittal Register lists the materials, products or items for each Submittal cited in the Job, as well as the Section and paragraph number locations, and any required approval.


When the Submittal Register is generated, the system:

Trouble shooting the Submittal Register



Icon Indicating How To StepsHow To Print A Copy Of Only A Job's Submittal Register Without Printing The Whole Job:

  1. Click the File menu | Process & Print/Publish.
  2. Click the Sections tab,  and uncheck Print/Process Sections in the Printing/Renumbering area.
  3. Click the Reports tab, and check only the Submittal Register.
  4. Click the Process & Print button.

Only the Submittal Register will be sent to your default printer.


Icon Indicating How To StepsThe Submittal Register does not appear in the SI Explorer’s Processed Files folder the way the other reports and lists do. It will, however, print when you choose Process & Print. If you are publishing to PDF, it will appear in the PDF Files folder in the SI Explorer, and you can view it in that format.


Icon Indicating CautionTo ensure that the Submittal Register prints correctly when using PDF Writer 4.0 as your selected printer, see Printer Setup.


SpecsIntact provides the capability to modify Submittal information by exporting the Submittal Register information into an Excel XML Spreadsheet for the Job.  This format is meant to be used by engineers working in the field and changes cannot be transferred back into SpecsIntact.