This function allows you to make a backup copy of a Job or Master. You may also backup the Supplemental Reference File and Section Templates by clicking the Other Files tab and selecting the files you want to copy.



Before making backups of a Job/Master there is important information to note when selecting  the Backup Type.  The default is set for the Archive (Zip) Format since it is the preferred selection.  The Normal Format allows a backup to be restored on much older version of SpecsIntact (versions prior to 3.0).

Icon Indicating CautionChecking the box for Delete Exiting Files in Backup Directory will delete any files that already exist in that folder and should be used with caution.


Icon Indicating How To Steps  How To Make A Backup Copy Of A Job or Master:

  1. From the SI Explorer view, select File, choose Backup/Restore/Manage or right-click on the Job/Master, choose Backup/Restore/Manage
  2. On the Backup screen, click either the Masters or Jobs tab.
  3. In the text box, select the Job or Master you want to backup.
  4. In the Include in Backup area of the dialog box, check the boxes if you want to backup any Processed Files, PDF Files, and Word Documents that are part of the Job or Master.
  5. In the Backup to (Destination) area of the dialog box, choose the Drive from the pull-down list.
  6. In the Directory box, double-click on the folders until you have reached the destination in which you want to save the backup.
  7. If you want to create a new folder for the backup, add it to the end of the path by typing a backslash (\) and a folder name in the Backup Path text box.
  8. In the Backup Type area, leave the default setting to use the Archive (Zip) Format
  9. Select OK

Icon Indicating Helpful HintOnly one Job or Master can be backed-up at a time.