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The Schedule screen provides several tools for tracking the progress of a Job:


Illustration Review Status

For the Review Status, choose the appropriate radio button illustrated or for Amendments, choose the radio button, then type the Amendment Level in the text field.  



Icon Indicating Helpful HintIf the percentages do not conform with the Job, the Amendment Level can be used to enter the appropriate percentage.


Icon Indicating Important Information To NoteThe Review Status can also be used for organizing PDF documents created when processing the Job.  If the option "Save Copies To PDF Sub Folder"  is selected on the Process & Print/Publish Menu, PDF/Publish Tab, the software will create a new folder for the selected level .


Illustration Job Properties Schedule Tab Options

Next Due Date records the next deadline by either typing directly in the text box, or by double-clicking the date in the Calendar (the date will be automatically entered in the text box)


The Calendar can be used to enter dates in the Next Due Date text box, as well in the Job Cycle fields for Received, Due and Delivered -- select the field then double-click the date.


Use the Job Cycle  to fill the fields, either click the field you want and click the Add/Change button, or double-click the field (double-clicking Received, Due and Delivered files will open the Calendar). After typing an entry in the text box, either hit the Enter key or the Add button to fill in the field; Cancel will deselect the field without entering any information.



Illustration Print ButtonPrints a report containing the information located on the Job Properties General, Schedule, Specifiers, Options, and Comments Tabs.


Illustration OK ButtonWill execute and save selections made and make them part of your Job's properties.


Illustration Cancel ButtonWill close the dialog box without recording any selections entered.



Icon Indicating How To Steps  How Do I use the Schedule Tab to Track My Job Cycle:

      1. Begin by selecting the appropriate Review Cycle percentage or the Amendment Level Field (If you choose the Amendment Level, you must enter the text in the field)

      2. Place cursor in the Next Due Date field, type the date.  Or use the Calendar to select a Date.

      3. Select the Operator field by double-clicking

      4. Type the Operator Name

      5. Choose Add

      6. Select the Percentage field by double-clicking

      7. Type the Percentage

      8. Select Add

      9. Select the Received field by double-clicking

      10. Choose the Date

      11. Select Add

      12. Select the Due field by double-clicking

      13. Choose the Date

      14. Select Add

      15. Select the Delivered field by double-clicking

      16. Choose the Date

      17. Select  Add

      18. Select the Hours field by double-clicking

      19. Type the Number of Hours

      20. Choose Add

      21. Select OK