This screen gives you the ability to choose Microsoft Word as the output format for Sections you have selected.

Illustration Word Publish

Icon Indicating CautionThis is for output only and cannot be converted back into SpecsIntact. Any editing that is subsequently performed in Word cannot be utilized in SpecsIntact.  SpecsIntact v4.5.1 and newer supports both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Word.


From this screen, you can make the following output selections:


Illustration Microsoft Word Options

Icon indicating Important Information to NoteAny previous file of this name will be overwritten when this function is used.  


To avoid overwriting any previously published Word files, use Windows Explorer to move or copy them from the location indicated in the File | Specify Word Folder option.


Illustration Process & Publish ButtonApplies the choices made on the tabbed screens and begins the Conversion Process to MS Word documents.


Illustration of Save Settings ButtonSaves the choices made on the tabbed screens (except for Sections selected to be processed/printed) so that the next time the box is opened, the selections you saved will be your new defaults.

Icon indicating Helpful Hint If you want to save some but not all the settings, make the ones you want to save first, use the Save Setting button, and then make the additional selections that you don't want to save. Example: You want to make permanent changes to the Headers and Footers, but you will want to select different reports the next time you process Sections. You would make the changes on the Header/Footer tab first, click the Save Settings button, then choose the Reports you want to run.)


Illustration of Cancel ButtonCloses the dialog box without executing any of the changes.

Illustration of Setup ButtonOpens the Print Setup dialog box to allow setting changes like duplex printing.



Icon indicating CautionClose Microsoft Word before publishing Job, Master or Section(s)..


Icon Indicating How To StepsHow to Publish a Job or Master to Microsoft Word:

  1. To Publish a Job, Master or Section(s) to Microsoft Word™ begin by selecting the Sections Tab

  2. Choose All Sections or Some Sections

  3. Select the Options Tab

  4. Under Show check the elements (Section Dates, Notes, and/or Revisions) required in the published Word documents

  5. Select the Word Publish Tab

  6. Under Microsoft Word choose Publish Document(s) to Word, if you want to combine the Microsoft Word files into one document also choose Combine all MS Word converted sections into one document (JF.DOC)

  7. Select Process & Publish

When the Conversion Process begins the software will first perform Address, Reference and Submittal Reconciliation as well as Paragraph Renumbering in order to produce the .prn files.  Secondly, the Conversion Progress area of the Word Publish Tab will list the .prn files to begin converting them into Microsoft Word Format as illustrated below:


Illustration MS Word Conversion Process.


The Conversion Process displays the Section(s) and places a checkmark next to the Section once the conversion is complete.


Icon indicating Important Information to NoteThe Project Table of Contents, Section Table of Contents or the Submittal Register cannot be Published to Microsoft Word™ .


Icon Indicating Helpful HintSpecsIntact v4.5.1 and newer now supports both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Word™ .


Icon indicating Helpful HintLearn more about known problems Publishing to Microsoft Word from our web site's Knowledge Base by looking under Troubleshooting.