This command opens the Print Setup dialog box that allows you to choose which printer you want to use and the source and size of the paper. The Properties button provides the selection for the number of copies to be printed, and to enable duplex printing.



Icon Indicating StopBefore printing or publishing to Adobe PDF or any Adobe Driver, make sure to read the following Knowledge Base Troubleshooting Topic in regards to changing font settings.


Adobe Acrobat Distiller and Writer Settings:


Icon Indicating Caution Before using Distiller (version 5 with Windows NT or 2000) for these functions, the default checkmark must be removed from the Do not send fonts to Distiller checkbox in either the Acrobat Distiller Printing Preferences or Document Defaults (depending on which operating system you use). If you uncheck it from inside SpecsIntact using either the File | Printer Setup menu option, or the Setup button at the bottom of the Print Processing dialog box, it will only remain unchecked until you close SpecsIntact. To make the unchecked status the new default, you must close SpecsIntact, go to the printer properties for Distiller, and uncheck the box from that location.


Icon Indicating Imporatnt Information To Note To ensure that the Submittal Register prints correctly when using Adobe PDFWriter versions 4 or 5, as your selected printer, use the following setting:

      1. After you select Acrobat PDFWriter as your printer from the Print Setup dialog box, click the Properties button.

      2. Click the Page Setup tab in the Acrobat PDFWriter Properties dialog box, and in the lower right of that screen's Graphic area, choose 600dpi from the Resolution drop-down list.

      3. Click OK in both dialog boxes.

The Submittal Register should now print correctly in PDF.


The Print Setup box can also be accessed by clicking the Setup button on the Print Processing dialog box.