This command searches for Tailoring Options in all the Sections of the selected Job or local Master (agency Masters cannot be tailored). Only the Sections containing Tailoring Options will be displayed in the Tailor Sections dialog box, and they will be selected by default (indicated by a check in the checkbox). The check indicates that Tailoring Options are contained in that Section. If you wish to remove the Tailoring Options, then you must remove the check from the checkbox beside it. Any Sections that remain checked will retain the Tailoring Options in their text.


Icon Indicating StopSince all agencies (Army, Navy, Air Force and NASA) are using one Master (UFGS), it is important to Tailor the Jobs Submittal Procedure Section before you begin to edit your Job.  Refer to the Note within your Jobs Submittal Procedure Section for more information on how to Tailor this Section.




MasterFormatâ„¢ 1995:



 When selected, will apply identical Tailoring Option choices to all Sections


Illustration SI Explorer's Mark All ButtonIndicates you want to retain the Tailoring Options in all the Sections.

Illustration SI Explorer's Clear All ButtonIndicates you want to remove the Tailoring Options from all the Sections.

Illustration SI Explorer's Print ButtonPrints the Tailoring Options List.

Illustration SI Explorer's Export ButtonExecutes the Export Tailoring Options for producing either a Web Format or Comma Delimited File.

Illustration SI Explorer's OK ButtonExecutes the permanent removal of Tailoring Options from any Sections without a check in the checkbox.

SI Explorer's Cancel ButtonCloses the dialog box without removing any Tailoring Options

Illustration SI Explorer's Help ButtonOpens Help Topic for Tailoring Options



Illustration SI Explorer's Show Tailor Option When Adding Sections  When selected, opens SI Explorer Tailoring Options dialog when adding Sections to a Job or Master.  If Tailoring Options do not exist in Sections that are being added, the dialog box will not appear.


Icon Indicating CautionWhen Revisions are required for a project and Tailoring is used to pre-edit, the removed Tailoring Option will not be redlined.  When tailoring a Job, changes are permanent.


Icon Indicating Helpful Hint  With SpecsIntact  Version 4.4.0 and newer the Tailoring Options dialog box will automatically open when Adding Sections that contain Tailoring to a new or existing Job. If you


  How To Tailor A Job:

    1. From the SI Explorer, select File

    2. Choose Tailor Job, or right-click on the Job and choose Tailor Job

    3. When the Tailor Job dialog box opens, a list of the Jobs Sections and their Tailoring Options will be listed.  Uncheck the Tailored Option you wish to remove

    4. If multiple Sections will be Tailored, choose the option to  

    5. Select OK