This command allows you to change the Section number for the Section selected in the right pane based on the current MasterFormat™ Edition or the older MasterFormat™ 1995 Edition Section numbers.


In the dialog box, you have the option to pick the current or 1995 MasterFormat numbering.

In the text box, for "Enter a new number for Section". type the new MasterFormat™ number.


Icon Indicating Helpful HintWhen renaming a Section to the current MasterFormat™, the text box is preformatted requiring you enter only the numeric characters, no spaces or period need to be entered.


If the new Section number already exists in the Job, you will be asked if you want to overwrite the existing Section with that number. If you choose a number that does not conform to the numbering rules, a warning box will display.


If the new Section number conflicts with the Jobs MasterFormat setting, a warning box will display stating you are using a valid MasterFormat number, but this conflicts with the Jobs MasterFormat setting.


Check boxes are provided to indicate whether you want the system to automatically change the number in the Section Header, Section ( SCN) tags (these boxes are checked by default) and Change Section Number References throughout the Job.